Tuesday, 1 October 2013

If you go down to the woods today

Walking again today, it's much more fun to have someone to walk with.  I won't go into the woods by myself so Anni loves it when my Mum and Dad pop down to go walkies :-)  I love trees but have an unreasonable fear of large groups of them (a recurring nightmare from when I was a child)!!!  Yes, I'm odd.......  These woods are local to where we live, handy for a quick getaway.  Anni LOVES being off lead and exploring (esp. near any water).

As soon as you get into the woods, Anni goes off lead and she is OFF.  C'mon lets go.

 I do love looking at the many roots, they spread randomly all around.  Easy to trip if not looking where to put our feet.  This bit below is usually a muddy puddle but was dry today.  So nice to go walking without getting mud everywhere.

Roots, roots, everywhere.
 I can appreciate the beauty of individual trees, I think these two are kissing!

Kissing tree?

 There is one tree on our walk which has a huge hollow bit.  Mum stood inside the entrance to show just how big it is.  You don't go in very much as apparently it smells of wee!

Hollow Tree
We are noticing on our walks more and more tree branches which have fallen.  We haven't had much bad weather lately so we were surprised to see such a huge branch covering the path.  I don't know whose job it is to keep people safe in the woods but I suspect our local woods currently has a huge problem.  We no longer walk through these woods without noticing a new fall.

I do love the colours of the leaves on the ground.  At the moment the trees are still green but the ground is slowly being covered in brown leaves.  Soon the trees will change colour too and it will be beautiful walking through the trees.  My friend G will then have visited the woods in all seasons, she's due a visit soon so will be happy to take Anni for a wander.


I think Mum and Dad love coming for a walk.  They get to see things they may not see without walking with Anni.  I must start baking more, so I have bribes for them this coming winter!

Mum, Dad and Anni
 Anni is getting braver in the water too.  I have a video of her chasing sticks in a deep pool in the stream but can't work out how to upload it.  Excuse the rather blurry photo below (my Mum's attempt!)

Anni in the water
On another note, my cooking is still going strong.  I made fish cakes tonight and even remembered to season them this time.  Sorry, no photo as I forgot (again).  I did make apple crumble for pudding and remember a photo of that too.  Is it bad I'm 39 and haven't made a crumble before...............  the only remaining question is whether you like your custard hot (me) or cold (Hubby).

Apple Crumble

Mmmmmm crumble and custard

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