Saturday, 26 October 2013

New Skills

I am so happy at the moment.  My parents and I took Anni to Wellhome Park on Thursday.  It has woods, fields and a river so Anni loves it.  We have been trying to encourage her to swim for most of this year but she hasn't quite been up for it.  She is happy to shove her head under the water, happy to run through a river at top speed but she has always managed to keep one foot on the ground.  Occasionally she has had one toe nail on the ground and has swiftly backed out of the deeper part of a river as she definitely wasn't going to try this swimming Malarkey that we kept suggesting she try.

On Thursday fate took it upon itself to help her make the first move.  She found the river and disappeared, literally disappeared under the surface of the river.  Obviously this meant she had to come straight back out of the river.  When she then went back in she'd leap over the deeper part (many many splashy photos) as she still wasn't buying this swimming lark.

So we gave up.  We did some shopping and began walking back to the car, parked next to the river.  My Mum, Dad and I were more spread out than earlier so when Anni ran back into the river she decided to go find my Mum and ended up swimming.  A LOT.  We now have one happy, swimming dog.  God only knows what she'll make of the seaside when we eventually go.

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