Friday, 25 March 2016

Local Library

Do you use your local library?  Our local library was recently under threat of closure, but thankfully it has been awarded a stay of execution.  I love our library, though I admit I haven't used it for over a year.  In the past few years the library has moved from an old building on the flat part of the village to a new building attached to a new school but it is up a steep hill if you go the quickest way.  I suspect that this hill has put a lot of people off of visiting the library.  It is a shame as it is lovely in every other way.

I had stopped visiting the library because my lovely Mum threatened me with awful things if I kept getting library books rather than reading some of my own books.  When I saw the library was under threat I was determined to start going back.

This morning, Dave and I wheeled up there to re-join for me, and to join for him.  The ladies who work there were so happy to have 2 more members.  I was happy to get 4 new books and Dave took out an audio book to see if he could still  enjoy books even those his eyes don't focus enough to read them.  I just need to order him some ear phones so I don't have to listen too!!

Am I sad that I was uber excited to choose my books...... don't answer that one.

I have started with "The Night Circus" by Erin Morgenstern.  Have you read it?  I am 4 pages in and I already know that I am going to enjoy it.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Making me HAPPY this week

Wow, I haven't done one of these posts in ages.  Just goes to show what a funk I was in.

Making me happy this week;

1)  We've now been in the house for over a week now.  It feels a little weird.  Anni seems settled, indeed she drags us back to this house now when we take her for a walk.  I wouldn't yet call it home, but I suspect it may start to feel more like home when we finish decorating a room or two.

2)  Spending an hour in the garden in the sunshine today.  I may have only cut 3/4 of a Lavender back and pulled up a handful of weeds so far.  To sit on the step, talking to Dave, in the sunshine while we planned was just lovely.  So I need to order a white lavender and a French Lavender and buy and plant some Sweet Pea seeds to get us started.  Oooh I am so excited.

3) "Borrowing" ice from a neighbour.  Such a simple thing having access to ice but oh after a few weeks with no cold drinks, an easy happy :-)

4) Painting the glitter paint on my craft room ceiling - well half of the ceiling, and it looks pants and I need to buy  more paint to finish it and second coat it.  But what has been done is all my own work.

5)  My Mum being so strong.  We went wig shopping this week and she's shaved her hair so it's a little easier for her.  We went from someone who looked so sad waiting to try on wigs, my heart actually broke a little, to a woman with the biggest smile on her face when she found "the" one.  Love you Mum, you rock.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Checking In, Moving Out & Moving In

Does the title give away why I have been so quiet lately? :-)

Yup, we finally moved on Friday 11th March.  It seemed to take forever to finalise our move.  The Sunday before we moved, I read an email from the solicitor who took over when mine went on holiday who asked if we wanted to move on 11th.  We jumped at it.  Of course, we then had to confirm a removal firm, exchange and pack up most of the house in 4 days - such fun.

I AM NEVER MOVING AGAIN - unless I am rich and someone else is packing the house up for me!!!!!

The removal men came at 8am and left the new house at 5.45pm.  It went on forever.

The new house remains as Grotville.  It was dirty and uckky when we moved in - the ex owner even left all her dog poo in the back garden - still to be cleaned up as she also filled up ALL the wheelie bins (there are 3) so I have no where to put it.  We FINALLY get a bin emptied tomorrow so then I shall be in the garden as soon as possible trying to put it right.

Both Mums and my Dad helped massively with packing up the old house.  Indeed I couldn't have done it with out them.  Then more importantly my parents have REALLY helped with settling us into the new house -I think we wore H's Mum out!!!

On the Sat morning friends came up from down South and spent 2/3 days cleaning and decorating.  We managed to clean the kitchen - the house fridge stopped working on the Sun morning, and I found out tonight that both ovens don't work.  My fridge is locked in the garage (Dad has the key!) and I am feeling very frustrated.

Anyway onto nicer things, what will be our new bedroom has had the built in wardrobes removed, the carpet ripped up and the wallpaper stripped.  Then My Dad and D have started putting up lining paper and the paint should be painted tomorrow.  So exciting.

More importantly (to me) is that D redecorated what will be my craft room.  I love it.

I still can't understand why H didn't want it in the new bedroom....................

Now once I have painted the ceiling with the glitter paint I can start unpacking all my bits.