Monday, 22 May 2017


It has become time to write the post that i have been dreading most of all.  Mum lost her battle today.  She was so strong and so brave and she fought to the very end.  I am grateful that my Dad, Brother and myself managed to get to the hospice on time to be with her at the end.   The loss I (we) feel can not be put into words.

Mum you were loved and you are already missed so much.  I am not sure how we will learn to live without you and hope and trust one day soon our memories will help us.  

Meeting Anni B

Girl's trip to NYC

Xmas 2015 in the old house

Finding new coffee shops

 I am so happy that we found our connection and spent so much time learning to get one another and enjoy spending time in each others company.  I just wish we got longer together.  I love you and are proud to have called you Mum. x