Sunday, 26 October 2014

Making me HAPPY this week

Hello, it's still Sunday and here I am on my happiness post.  That extra hour in bed this morning, must have done something to my brain.  To be fair, it feels like it's time for bed and it's only 3pm!!!!

So making me happy this week;

1) Making a start on the kitchen.  Dad has put up MDF on the wall and I have just undercoated it.  Boy are my arms tired now.  It already looks so much better.

2) Finding much of what we need for the kitchen in the cellar!!!!  We have found all the paint we need to paint the entire kitchen - in the cellar.  I have a really pale blue for the walls and I think we are going to paint the cupboard doors white.  The only thing left to buy now are new cupboard door handles.  To be fair, it won't be anyone's dream kitchen but it will be so much better than it used to be.

3) Having a long soak in the bath, lots of bubbles and a good book - that's where I will be when I post this!!!!

4) G coming for lunch and going out to a local cafe and then to the wool shop (I didn't buy anything).  It's great finding new little shops which are local.  The cafe does a fab hot chocolate.

5) Crochet and natter with Christine on Friday (she'd been away in Spain last week) at the wool shop (I did buy this time!).

Friday, 24 October 2014

and go

As you may know we are getting to the stage where we need to sell our house.  It is a 4 storey Victorian terraced house which I fell in love with as soon as I walked through the front door over 17 years ago now.

The one room I have never been a fan off is the kitchen.  We put off putting a new one in as we had grand plans of converting the cellar (behind the kitchen) and when we had the energy we didn't have the money, and when we had a little money H's health wasn't up to it.

Anyway, we need to sell and our kitchen is pants.  I have so little storage, a rubbish oven (in my new kitchen - wherever that maybe I'm saving up for a Neff oven - the one on Great British Bakeoff, where the door opens and tucks under the oven (never thought an oven would make me happy!)).

My Dad and I are going to titivate it up (oh to have storage, makes my heart sing).

Oh heck, Dad is down there now and I have forgotten to take a before photo - oh well I guess that maybe for the best.  Photos will be added as we progress.  Aren't Dads great (and Mums - before she complains!).

Monday, 20 October 2014

My Shawl so far

I am now really enjoying crocheting my shawl, there was a time at the beginning when I didn't like it as much, I did find it difficult at the start.  Now I can't understand why I struggled so much!!!!  It's so easy :-)

2 balls already, it really sucks up the wool.  At the moment, although I love the stitch used and the colours I am not sure if I will ever wear it - I am just not sure I am a shawl kind of person......... hmph.

Btw do you call you stash wool or yarn????  I was brought up thinking it was all wool (even if it had never seen a sheep!) but I can see the sense of calling it yarn.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Making me HAPPY this week

I've just asked H what's made me happy this week and his response was an enthusiastic "I don't know" sigh!!!!!

So here we go;

1) Meeting L for lunch.  We used to work together in Leeds and when since I left work we have made a real effort to meet up.  We usually go to the same place and even though we look at the menu EVERY.SINGLE.TIME we usually order the same things - do you do that?  This was the first time we'd met up since her secret wedding and we were belatedly celebrating my 40th.

2) Walking Anni in the local woods.  I am not a fan of woods, in fact I'd go as far to say they scare me a little (my reoccurring nightmare being filled with trees).  Anni loves the woods, she can go off lead and it's the only time she is not scared of her own shadow.  She runs off and explores, it's a joy to see.  Yesterday we went by ourselves (and will probably today too), she found every mud bath and jumped in them all - nice.  I have noticed though that when we go in the woods with others she is a lot more prepared to explore further away.  When it is the 2 of us, she stays by my side for much of the walk - I do wonder whether she's picking up on my anxiety?

My Mum and Dad have been away this week, so we've had A LOT of this (in fact it's where she is now);

I don't think she can understand where my Mum and Dad are and why they haven't been done to see her!!!!!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Waiting in............... on Thursday

The food we feed Anni (no not the stuff she begs from us, "but I need to share your baked beans, they might be poisoned, so I will dribble down your leg until you add some to my biscuits") is expensive.

When we had our first dog Patch we went through many different kinds of food before we settled on the brand we still use today.  Now some were discounted as they smelt so bad when you opened then, I felt ill, some smelt badly afterwards if you know what I mean :-), some were rubbish and I quickly realised I wouldn't feed them to my dog!!!!

Patch keeping warm at the allotment!

Patch in bed
Patch was a really touchy feely dog, if I was sat cross legged on the floor then she'd come and curl up on my knee!  When we had the old sofa, not only would she be on the sofa but she had to be as close to you as possible.  She was a fabulous first dog for anyone and completely stole my heart.

Anyway,  the dog food we buy is expensive.  At the local pet shop it is over £10 a bag more expensive, so we order through Amazon.  Now, I'd prefer to support a local shop - that's why i buy my wool from a local shop (honest love!), but we can't afford to do so.  So I ordered on Monday night, was told to expect it by the following Monday.  Fair enough, Anni has enough to keep going, then another email telling me it was due today, then another to say it was out on the van.  Great communication, but I have now been sat here since 9am and it still isn't here.  Anni is anxiously looking out of the window asking for her walk and I need to go and buy some food for tea (well lunch really, but eating rice krispies for lunch won't kill me for once - but boy am I hungry!).  I dare not go and do any jobs in case I miss the delivery.

We live in a 4 story house and it wouldn't be the first time that I was in the kitchen washing up (down one floor), heard the door, ran upstairs and the delivery man was climbing back in his van to drive off - who knew I could shout so loudly!!!!

So that's why the ironing isn't being done and the washing up will have to wait a little while longer.......

On a good note, H does not work on a Wednesday and we had a lovely relaxed day yesterday which ended in takeaway pizza and a vodka and coke (or 2) whilst we watched "The Fifth Estate".  TFE is a film about Wikileaks and Julian Assange (though I want to call him Julian Astrange).  Now, I do not know who made the film and what, if any, bias they may have but wow what a film.  It really made me think that Wikileaks wasn't a bad thing- even if they were misguided to say the least that they didn't edit any documents to remove personal data.  However, JA does not come across as a decent person, that his whole philosophy was to gain fame and notoriety- well I guess he managed that.  Again, the film may be biased and maybe JA is the nicest person in the world who has been accused of crimes so that he can be silenced by the powers that be....................

and a photo of Anni so she doesn't feel left out!!!!  "Go on, I need some sandwich"

Edited to add:  It is 12.40pm on Friday and still no sign of the parcel!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Erm making me HAPPY last week

It is so easy to post on a Sunday of all the things making me happy, it takes a real skill to drag it out and not post until Tuesday - really............. :-)  Not sure why it fails me some weeks.

1) Mum and Dad coming down for tea.  Which they brought - get in!!!!, along with homemade ginger biscuits- thanks Mum.

2) Sunday night Chinese takeaway.  H doesn't usually like Chinese and it was gorgeous.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

3) Reading some good books, though if they made me cry I am not sure they should be classed in the good category.  I am such a wuss when it comes to sad things.  The first book was "The Friday Night Knitting Club" by Kate Jacobs, set in New York and involving knitting - what's not to like? Well there is something but I shan't say what in case you want to read it.  The second fab book is "The One Plus One" by Jojo Moyes.  I do enjoy Jojo Moyes' books.  This one had me reading late into the night so I can read it quicker.

Have you read anything worth sharing recently?  Oh, and are you a real book or an e-book fan?  My head tells me that I can see the usefulness of e-books but oh I need a real book.  There is little better than going into a bookshop and coming out with a new book.

Friday, 10 October 2014

How big is yours?

In order to finish H's blanket (just a few ends to sew in - I have actually done most of them!!!! - Go me!), I needed more denim coloured wool and I had to think long and hard before buying the ball of wool Christine had.  Although it was the perfect colour I still took 24 hours to think it over.

Any idea why?

Compared to a "normal"ball below.  Heaven only knows what I am going to use the rest for......... but it allowed me to finish the blanket :-)

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Making me HAPPY this week

This one is Sooooooooooo easy :-)

1) My flowers gave me a HUGE smile on my face when they arrived (the power of flowers H!).  I love this photo too as it also shows another fab item from H.  He found a selection of greeting cards with (now we argue on this one) either crocheted or knitted animals.  I have managed to frame 2 of them and I have loads of others waiting to be framed too.  The cow is still one of my favourites though.

2) Starting my new project - I just hope I still love it next week .........

3) Anni B.  She's becoming more touchy feely now.  She'll happily lie against me if I sit on the floor.  She'll even let you stroke her for longer than 30 seconds too.  A real transformation!!!!!

4) Spending time with my parents.  We took Anni for a walk to Shipley Glen (no photos as I think you've seen them all), there was walking and swimming and sausage sandwiches in the cafe at the end on the terrace, in the sunshine.  Also a pub lunch in a beer garden with my Dad and Anni.  I don't spend much time with my Dad by himself, so I really enjoy it when we get to spend time together.  I think it will be the last beer garden of the year and boy was it hot.

Look at the sky!

Can you guess which was mine?

Anni (above) waiting for my Dad.  He went to get the drinks and she was desperate to go with him......

5) Baking- but shush don't tell H.  He's in bed asleep so has no idea a batch of cupcakes is about to go into the oven.  Something nice to wake up to - I have also a new topper to put on to make him smile - but no one tell him!!!!!

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Whoop a new stitch

A few months ago when I was at Christine's learning to crochet I watched her crochet a baby blanket and I fell in love.  Now I don't know anyone having a baby, so I didn't want to make a blanket.  However, as I saw Christine working on it, I thought it'd make a fab shawl/wrap.  I choose my wool and it was put in her cupboard until I felt ready to try it.

Today was the day.  Now I have found this harder than I ever imagined, but am pleased with my progress so far.   You start in a corner and work on a diagonal - that's the closest I can describe it!  I love the self striping yarn which gives you a lot of one colour before changing colours (Jo - I think that's why I didn't like the green, the colours changed too quickly).

I am also working on a blanket for the Hubby.  I love that as it is just stripes of colour, though I have run out of the denim blue I have been using - how do you work out how much you'll need?  I generally choose one ball of each colour and suspect that I have to start buying two of each colour and take it from there!!!!

Friday, 3 October 2014

Feeling lucky

I recently won 2 giveaways on other blogs, to say I was happy is a big understatement.  I may have given a little squeal and done a happy dance in my pj's when I found out.  Can you imagine what I was like when the parcels actually arrived?????

My first parcel was from Jo at Through the Keyhole (check out her blog, it's fab).  I was so excited to win this one.  I did do the happy dance and even Anni looked at me strangely..........  I've been reading Jo's blog for quite a while now and love the fact that she is just up the road from me (well t'other side of the next city, but close enough!!!!).  I love that when she blogs about places she's visited I can not only enjoy her posts, but I can have memories from my visits to the same places.

Sorry it's taken so long to blog about my winnings Jo - once again the lead for the camera has been put in a safe place.  One day I will remember to hide it when D is not looking so this will stop happening.

Whoop, I've found the lead.  Want to see what made me happy?  Some lovely fabric- I think I may try and make some brooches with this.  The ladybirds look so happy.

A fab notebook.  You can never have too many notebooks (and I love Russian dolls- bonus!).

Heart shaped pins, nail files, buttons and some gorgeous cotton. I think I will be making myself a new face cloth (though knowing me, I will give it to someone else :-))

 I have only really been knitting for 12 months (and learning crochet for about 6 months) but I am such a yarn addict.  I can't get enough of the stuff.  I am thinking that I am a lost cause - BUT if it still fits in one cupboard (with room to spare- ish) then it's not a problem - is it?????

My Hubby does not work on Wednesdays.  It is meant to be his day of resting so he can keep working.  This past Wednesday he woke me at 6.30 am and when I said he had to be joking he wouldn't even believe it was Wednesday.  So I was happily surprised with the delivery on Thursday to say sorry.  I think he has great taste, and I LOVE that shade of pink.

They even have bits of glitter on the little green leaves.   

 My second giveaway was from Kath at Kath's Blog.  Kath makes fantastic cards, I can only dream of matching her talent.  I won a Christmas magazine (can I say the C word yet?) and lots of crafting goodies.  They arrived just before our friends came up for the weekend and I have yet to try them out but I can feel them calling to me, so I doubt I can resist for much longer.  The magazine looks fab, so I will be sitting with my feet up and a hot chocolate tomorrow whilst I choose what to make for Christmas (oh dear, I've said it again!).

and finally a photo of Anni with her Babbit.  This one was removed from her (with bribery) so it could go in the washer................... she hasn't let it out of her sight since she got it back.