Sunday, 5 October 2014

Making me HAPPY this week

This one is Sooooooooooo easy :-)

1) My flowers gave me a HUGE smile on my face when they arrived (the power of flowers H!).  I love this photo too as it also shows another fab item from H.  He found a selection of greeting cards with (now we argue on this one) either crocheted or knitted animals.  I have managed to frame 2 of them and I have loads of others waiting to be framed too.  The cow is still one of my favourites though.

2) Starting my new project - I just hope I still love it next week .........

3) Anni B.  She's becoming more touchy feely now.  She'll happily lie against me if I sit on the floor.  She'll even let you stroke her for longer than 30 seconds too.  A real transformation!!!!!

4) Spending time with my parents.  We took Anni for a walk to Shipley Glen (no photos as I think you've seen them all), there was walking and swimming and sausage sandwiches in the cafe at the end on the terrace, in the sunshine.  Also a pub lunch in a beer garden with my Dad and Anni.  I don't spend much time with my Dad by himself, so I really enjoy it when we get to spend time together.  I think it will be the last beer garden of the year and boy was it hot.

Look at the sky!

Can you guess which was mine?

Anni (above) waiting for my Dad.  He went to get the drinks and she was desperate to go with him......

5) Baking- but shush don't tell H.  He's in bed asleep so has no idea a batch of cupcakes is about to go into the oven.  Something nice to wake up to - I have also a new topper to put on to make him smile - but no one tell him!!!!!


  1. Your flowers are beautiful and I do agree with you, they really do have the power to cheer up the most miserable day. You're going to tell me now that the pint was yours, aren't you?

  2. Jo, I know I am a Northern lass, but no I'll take the Rose anytime!!