Sunday, 26 October 2014

Making me HAPPY this week

Hello, it's still Sunday and here I am on my happiness post.  That extra hour in bed this morning, must have done something to my brain.  To be fair, it feels like it's time for bed and it's only 3pm!!!!

So making me happy this week;

1) Making a start on the kitchen.  Dad has put up MDF on the wall and I have just undercoated it.  Boy are my arms tired now.  It already looks so much better.

2) Finding much of what we need for the kitchen in the cellar!!!!  We have found all the paint we need to paint the entire kitchen - in the cellar.  I have a really pale blue for the walls and I think we are going to paint the cupboard doors white.  The only thing left to buy now are new cupboard door handles.  To be fair, it won't be anyone's dream kitchen but it will be so much better than it used to be.

3) Having a long soak in the bath, lots of bubbles and a good book - that's where I will be when I post this!!!!

4) G coming for lunch and going out to a local cafe and then to the wool shop (I didn't buy anything).  It's great finding new little shops which are local.  The cafe does a fab hot chocolate.

5) Crochet and natter with Christine on Friday (she'd been away in Spain last week) at the wool shop (I did buy this time!).

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