Saturday, 1 November 2014

Walkies at Oakwell Hall

Note to self - if I type quickly I can post this before my weekly happy posts.

Mum and Dad suggested that we take Anni for a walk on Tuesday to Oakwell Hall, between Bradford and Leeds.  I haven't been to Oakwell Hall since I was 15 so it was about time we returned.  The last time I was there I was doing work for a G.C.S.E. project!!!  My friend N has a great photo of me - no N you don't have to post it!!!

Although it was half term and so full of children, Anni had a great time wandering around the grounds.  C'mon you can walk faster, we have all these paths to explore.

My Dad in charge of Anni below - can you tell he has a secret supply of Gravy Bones in his pocket?

 Part way along one path they have created a fence/hedge? by part cutting the trees and lying them down on there sides and all intertwined with each other.  I do love the natural look of this type of fencing.

The path we followed wound round from the car park, past fields and play areas and up hills until you find this amazing view from the highest part of the park.

Anni can sniff out water from 50 paces.  When I think back to our first walk in the woods, my Dad had to clamber down a slope into a small stream as she wouldn't even consider paddling in the scary water.  Now, if she disappears you just have to find the nearest water and you are sure to find her - usually with the biggest stick she can find.

It was such a a warm day we sat outside for lunch.  Anni, as usual cuddles up to my Dad (whilst she waits for titbits!).

I love the photo below, Anni had tried licking my Dad to get him to share his sandwich, hence my Dad's expression and Anni's innocent one!

The photo below took about 10 shots to get them ALL looking forward.  You'd think Anni was the hard one, but almost every time she looked at me, my Mum (or usually my Dad) was looking at her trying to get her to look forward!!!!  Parents........

I keep trying to get my Mum to do selfies and they usually look okay.  Now, if only she'd remember her camera from time to time - MUM.

My Dad and I and Anni actually looking at the camera and no silly faces from Dad - makes a nice change!!!!

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