Monday, 24 October 2016

Making me HAPPY last week

So the past few weeks haven't been good ones.  I may even have been feeling a little sorry for myself!!  The same week that a new tumour was found in Mum, my Hubby decided to twist his ankle and fall over.  His legs haven't been working much since then - such fun.  No photos but I wanted to post today and not put it off, so I am going without.

However, on Sunday I had a revelation (my number 1) so here we go.

1) Having a working boiler (please don't let me have jinxed it).  Last winter, in the old house the boiler wasn't working very well at all.  All winter we lived with 2 little heaters and lots of blankets.  Sunday night, I was feeling sorry for myself and it hit me - I was warm.  It changed how I was feeling.

2) Nearly finishing my chunky blanket for H.  It really needs to be about another 10 rows long, but we couldn't get him off the floor*, so he had to sleep there and I needed him to be warm.  He hasn't taken it off since (he's not still on the floor) so I can't finish it but he tells me he loves how toasty it is (whoop).

3) Finding "Lucifer" on Amazon Prime.  Erm, how did I miss series 1 & 2? How is the chap playing the lead the same chap who played Gary in Miranda??  My head can't quite get round it.

4) Walking Anni in the park.  The walks haven't been as long as usual as I couldn't leave H but we got out and we met the other dog walkers and we just breathed.

5) After cough cough months in this new house, I am FINALLY getting round to sorting the craft room.  So far, I have grabbed bits here and there as needed but the room is full of boxes.  Today, I started sorting through the boxes and putting things away and binning other things.  I will get it sorted this month and then onto bed 3 and the dining room - so I can pack up the kitchen.  Oh yes, a new kitchen has been ordered!!!!

* sometimes when H's MS really kicks in his legs won't support him.  At times like this, usually tied in with fatigue means that if he falls I am not strong enough to pick him up.  He is unable to help me at all.  But we know that, in the past, if he has a sleep for an hour or so, he will get a little bit of strength back and then between us we are able to get him up.  So while we wait, I keep him warm with blankets.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Getting my craft back on

I love to craft but I find that I prefer different crafts depending on the time of year.  My cro-jo has been missing since we moved into our new house.  I have managed one scarf for a Christmas present and that is all.

However since the change in temperature, my cro-jo has returned with a vengence, and for that I am really happy.  I must remember to take more regular breaks though as I have had a few twinges in my arm if I do too much in a night.

At the moment, I have 2 3 4 (whoops) makings on the go and 1 which needs to be started as a priority.  My friend in Australia has just had a baby so I wanted to make a blanket to post on - I assume that they will still need a blanket in Australia!!

Project 1 - (Blushes) this is the blanket I had intended on gifting my grown up nephew last Christmas (I had to give him emergency cash as I just couldn't make it quickly enough - with the move it's been pushed to one side).  See all those ends to sew in - eeekkkkkkkkkkkkk.  It's folded in half length ways below.  It is so very nearly finished now.

Project 2 - My leftover blanket.  I keep running out of leftovers so it keeps getting put to one side while I make other things to create more left overs.  I LOVE making this blanket.  The randomness definitely speaks to me.  This is also so very close to being finished - yet more ends to sew in too.

Project 3 - A scarf for my F-i-L's Birthday.  This was started this month and needs to be gifted on the 23rd of this month.  I love the colour and hope it'll be one of those that grow and grow, almost without noticing it.

Project 4 - Chunky blanket.  This was also meant to be made last Winter but the move got in the way.  This was started in October and will hopefully be finished this month.  I've decided I'm not a fan of chunky yarn - it's too heavy as the blanket grows, but boy is it warm.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Making me HAPPY this week

2 posts in a week - wonder if I am coming down with something!

Since I haven't posted a happy post in so long I thought I'd catch up with a few weeks worth of happies;

1) Getting my nails done.  Tiffany Blue and so glittery.  I may have decided I enjoyed this experience so much, I may have them done again - one day!!

2) Flowers to cheer myself up.  How can anyone feel blue when looking at these beauties?

3) Making stuff.  I have a friend A who is mad on Panda's, so I made this from a design from Paper & String

4) My surprise gift from H.  I said I would like a radio for Christmas and this week this arrived.  I have to say he's done good - and it's just because he loves me.  Bonus :-)

5) It's the time of  year to be wearing fluffy socks and drinking hot chocolate.  No photo available but that would describe me to a T at this particular moment.

Friday, 7 October 2016


I have decided that I can no longer hide it but I need to plan.  I need lists and checklists and notes and stickers and pretties.  My Hubby can't understand my need for lists but I am 100% whole heartedly embracing my need and my brain thanks me.

When I was working I carried a filofax everywhere with me, but it never quite lived up to my expectations.  It wasn't big enough, pretty enough, and since leaving work is full of negative feelings so when I was looking for something new to meet my needs I knew I wouldn't be going down that track again.

So I went online and stalked blogs talking about planners and I looked and looked and looked.  Then I priced up what most appealed and I kept looking.  Then in the Summer, I thought for crying out loud make a decision.  So I did.  I found "the one".  I fell in love.

When I don't plan weekly and daily I find I feel more stressed and my head is all over the place.  I have learnt that I am much happier when I take time at the start of each week and the end of each day to plan and tick of my achievements.

I even use one box daily to make a note of things that have made me happy.  How many times do we forgot the day to day things that we take for granted and then think we're had a bad week - or is that just me?

Do you plan?

Monday, 29 August 2016

Making me HAPPY this week

It's been a long time since I've done one of my Sunday posts.  I have been making a (mostly) daily note in my journal of daily happies but I would like to get back to my weekly happy posts too.

Making me happy lately is;

1) Wardrobes!  After 5 months of living out of cardboard boxes it's been a relief to not only have wardrobes (took 3 attempts for IKEA to deliver them - grrrrrr) but I installed all the gadgets inside myself - go me.

2) Bestest neighbour ever.  Who knew that decorating and building furniture is so tiring?  In my previous life the men did that kind of work - I know, I know but I was more than happy to let them.  My neighbour (we were friends first) called today with a surprise bread delivery, wine was left in a bag over the fence and an hour later there was another knock on the door and there were 2 99's thrust at me from the ice cream van.  Who could hope for a better friend and neighbour?

Someone felt the need to beg.......

3) FINALLY getting round to decorating the spare bedroom.  It was dark blue when we moved in and felt so oppressive.  It's not finished yet but we have made a fair start on it.


You'll have to wait for an after shot!

4) Paper straws - they just make drinks taste better.

Excuse the horrid wallpaper - the living room is the only room that hasn't talked to me.  I have no idea how to fix it, I just know being in it makes me feel sad.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016


Wow, I have been away awhile.  I couldn't find the camera lead and then I just went bleurghhhhhh and don't even ask about the re-wiring!!!!!

I've been ready to start again for a few weeks now but the thought of trying to sort out what I wanted to share has put me off again.  So I have now decided that instead of worrying about it I'll just blog about one thing at a time until I am all caught up.  Hope I've kept a few people who like checking in.

H's middle brother got married in July.  It was quite local but we decided to check into the hotel for a few days to make sure H could rest as needed.  It was much easier not rushing round like a mad thing.  The downside was that the accessible room was lacking - who thinks it's ok to sell a room as accessible but the person in the wheelie can't push themselves into the room as the doorway isn't wide enough - grrrrrrr.  Anyway, that aside we had a really good few days and celebrated with 2 people very much in love.  I don't have many photos as I got kidnapped by the flower girls but I do have a few before the ceremony.

I loved the lights in the venue.  Do you think they'd look good in my living room?

H & I
MiL & I

FiL & I
Bride & Groom

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Making me HAPPY this week

In no particular order, making me happy this past week;

1) He is no longer a scootering virgin (please ignore the shocking white pasty legs - he so needs to work on his tan!).  I am not sure who had more fun - H walking Anni with me (this park is literally over the road from our new front door), or Anni chasing after him - her tail actually wags in a big circle when she is happy and chasing H made her happy.

2) Finding more "things" as i am still unpacking boxes (we have loads left to unpack but they will remain boxed til we can buy and build some more furniture).  Knickerbocker Glory - yes please.  I even remember where I was when I had my first KG.  The family were on holiday in Glocestershire, and we were in Cheddar Gorge.  Most of the family went down a cave (a tourist attraction and not actually caving) but I hated (& still hate) being underground so my Grandma F & I stayed up top.  I had my first KG (which I did share, whilst she had a cigarette).  It's funny when something bring back an unexpected memory.   My Grandma F said it was never too cold for ice-cream - a mantra I still believe to this day.

3) Going out for breakfast this morning.  Our friend V was at a loose end so we headed to Frankie & Benny's for breakfast.  Boy were we stuffed, and so nice to do something a little different.

4) A sign attached to window of the hotel I stayed in last weekend.  "Smoking is not allowed...... including out of this window"

5) This one is a happy but it oddly made me feel sad!!!!  My Mum is half way though her Chemo sessions so had a scan to see if it was making any difference to her tumours.  Good news is that it has so far shrunk the tumours she has.  It's still there and we don't know what'll happen next but we are hopeful it has bought her more time with us - cause who wouldn't want to spend more time with us :-)  The news although as positive as we could expect filled with a sadness I didn't expect, so I had to take a day to re-group before I could see it for the good news it actually is.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Making me HAPPY this week

Hello,  it feels like ages since I was checking out blogs online.  I am doing my best to catch up with you all.

Making me happy last week;

1) Managing to hit 10k steps 4 times last week.  My walking buddy (A.K.A. My Dad) is away so Anni and I didn't get our long, but fairly isolated walk in, so I can say it's all my own work.....  I bought myself a Fitbit in April and it has really encouraged me to give myself a kick up the butt to get my steps in.

2) Getting my craft on.  I have yet to get a desk for my craft room, but I happily sat on the floor and used a box for a flat surface to make the new bunting for my door.  Don't we all need more bunting in out lives?

3) A new shopping bag - Mum I didn't buy it (she'll moan at me for yet another bag).  I was an unexpected gift through the post and have you ever seen anything as gorgeous as this??????

4)  I am loving the sunsets from the new house.  Just look at those colours.  I could watch them every night.

A double moon reflection in the window.

5) We don't have a working oven at the moment so all our meals since moving have to be made in a microwave, on a hob or half a grill.  So when I accidentally discovered something new and easy - I am pretty happy.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Making me HAPPY this week

Weeks since my last post, I am blaming a lack of photos - who wants to read too many posts with no photos???  No siree Bob.  So making me happy these past few weeks;

1) Spending time with my Mum, even if she made me take 2 buses to get there.  You are nearly forgiven Mum, nearly. :-)

2)  We went to Saltaire.  We wandered round Salts Mill (below).  There are shops and gallerys and places to eat inside.

3) Indeed, we stopped at the diner and shared lunch and milkshakes (I think the highlight of my Mum's day).

4) The wallpaper in our newly decorated bedroom (thanks Dad) (1 wall of this - can you see the glitter shining) and 2 walls of pale blue.  Just enough to be girly and just enough not to be offensive to the Hubby!!!!  EDITED: 3 walls of pale blue or we'd have a wall missing!

5) My favourite thing is the wallpaper in my craft room.  I just LOVE it.

Not making me happy this week - H thinking he was superman (apologies for anyone squeamish).  No, he wasn't trying to fly, just trying to walk a short distance.  I think he came off worse.

Friday, 25 March 2016

Local Library

Do you use your local library?  Our local library was recently under threat of closure, but thankfully it has been awarded a stay of execution.  I love our library, though I admit I haven't used it for over a year.  In the past few years the library has moved from an old building on the flat part of the village to a new building attached to a new school but it is up a steep hill if you go the quickest way.  I suspect that this hill has put a lot of people off of visiting the library.  It is a shame as it is lovely in every other way.

I had stopped visiting the library because my lovely Mum threatened me with awful things if I kept getting library books rather than reading some of my own books.  When I saw the library was under threat I was determined to start going back.

This morning, Dave and I wheeled up there to re-join for me, and to join for him.  The ladies who work there were so happy to have 2 more members.  I was happy to get 4 new books and Dave took out an audio book to see if he could still  enjoy books even those his eyes don't focus enough to read them.  I just need to order him some ear phones so I don't have to listen too!!

Am I sad that I was uber excited to choose my books...... don't answer that one.

I have started with "The Night Circus" by Erin Morgenstern.  Have you read it?  I am 4 pages in and I already know that I am going to enjoy it.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Making me HAPPY this week

Wow, I haven't done one of these posts in ages.  Just goes to show what a funk I was in.

Making me happy this week;

1)  We've now been in the house for over a week now.  It feels a little weird.  Anni seems settled, indeed she drags us back to this house now when we take her for a walk.  I wouldn't yet call it home, but I suspect it may start to feel more like home when we finish decorating a room or two.

2)  Spending an hour in the garden in the sunshine today.  I may have only cut 3/4 of a Lavender back and pulled up a handful of weeds so far.  To sit on the step, talking to Dave, in the sunshine while we planned was just lovely.  So I need to order a white lavender and a French Lavender and buy and plant some Sweet Pea seeds to get us started.  Oooh I am so excited.

3) "Borrowing" ice from a neighbour.  Such a simple thing having access to ice but oh after a few weeks with no cold drinks, an easy happy :-)

4) Painting the glitter paint on my craft room ceiling - well half of the ceiling, and it looks pants and I need to buy  more paint to finish it and second coat it.  But what has been done is all my own work.

5)  My Mum being so strong.  We went wig shopping this week and she's shaved her hair so it's a little easier for her.  We went from someone who looked so sad waiting to try on wigs, my heart actually broke a little, to a woman with the biggest smile on her face when she found "the" one.  Love you Mum, you rock.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Checking In, Moving Out & Moving In

Does the title give away why I have been so quiet lately? :-)

Yup, we finally moved on Friday 11th March.  It seemed to take forever to finalise our move.  The Sunday before we moved, I read an email from the solicitor who took over when mine went on holiday who asked if we wanted to move on 11th.  We jumped at it.  Of course, we then had to confirm a removal firm, exchange and pack up most of the house in 4 days - such fun.

I AM NEVER MOVING AGAIN - unless I am rich and someone else is packing the house up for me!!!!!

The removal men came at 8am and left the new house at 5.45pm.  It went on forever.

The new house remains as Grotville.  It was dirty and uckky when we moved in - the ex owner even left all her dog poo in the back garden - still to be cleaned up as she also filled up ALL the wheelie bins (there are 3) so I have no where to put it.  We FINALLY get a bin emptied tomorrow so then I shall be in the garden as soon as possible trying to put it right.

Both Mums and my Dad helped massively with packing up the old house.  Indeed I couldn't have done it with out them.  Then more importantly my parents have REALLY helped with settling us into the new house -I think we wore H's Mum out!!!

On the Sat morning friends came up from down South and spent 2/3 days cleaning and decorating.  We managed to clean the kitchen - the house fridge stopped working on the Sun morning, and I found out tonight that both ovens don't work.  My fridge is locked in the garage (Dad has the key!) and I am feeling very frustrated.

Anyway onto nicer things, what will be our new bedroom has had the built in wardrobes removed, the carpet ripped up and the wallpaper stripped.  Then My Dad and D have started putting up lining paper and the paint should be painted tomorrow.  So exciting.

More importantly (to me) is that D redecorated what will be my craft room.  I love it.

I still can't understand why H didn't want it in the new bedroom....................

Now once I have painted the ceiling with the glitter paint I can start unpacking all my bits.

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Sucks, sucks and sucks

I have been desperately wanting to blog but first my head wasn't in the right place and then I had to make sure that friends who read this blog were told before I published here.

So the news about Mum isn't good.  She has stage 4 cancer (the worst) in her liver and the little bugger has gotten into both lungs.  We've been told that the Dr's can only manage it and can't get rid of it.  She started Chemo today, to give her as much time as possible.  She is not ready to give in and I am not ready for her to give in.  We had a date to go wig shopping - I am trying to convince her that this is her chance of going for a Mohican but I am not so sure that she is buying my reasoning..... just think of the smiles she'd spread with her when she goes for more chemo.

We all went out for a lovely meal last week and then Sunday lunch at Mum's this past Sunday.  H struggles to visit most houses- steps to get in, laminate floors to slip on, no downstairs loo etc and he did look tired, but with a 2 hour sleep he managed to stay til after tea.  Anni had a sleep over with Grandma and Grandad but H and I kept looking for her when we got home.  It's odd but when you have a dog you do get into your habits and just cause she's elsewhere doesn't mean you remember to change your habits.  H got up in the morning to let her out.... D'oh.  Mind I asked an invisible Anni if she wanted to go out before I went to bed.........

The House move is still on and no idea when we'll actually move.  Our sellers were asked a list of questions on 5th Feb and my Solicitor received answers late yesterday.  I am still waiting for news.  How long do these things take?  There must be a better way forward.  I think we have been held up as the seller can't find paperwork for the sunroom (AKA converted garage).  We suspect there isn't any but rather than admit it, she's been avoiding the issue completely.  I am hopeful we are nearly there now and we may be able to agree a date next week.

We do have news on the ill health retirement application - kind of.  The Occupational Health department rang today and have all the paperwork they need to complete the paperwork.  We may hear something soon.

So lots of nothing and sadness.

We've also had some happiness.  Friends we met on holiday years ago, have sent flowers, chocolate and hand knitted cowls.  They are also going to come up when we move to get stuck in the unpacking and helping us settle.  I am so pleased about this, as I was planning on leaving things in boxes as much as possible whilst we can clean the place from top to bottom.  I have chosen the wallpaper for the bedroom (the grottiest room) and the craft room (small room upstairs) so we'll at least 2 nice spaces to live in.

and at least someone is settled!!!!!!

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Pulling my Big Girls Pants Up

So I still think life sucks, but I can either wallow (and I did on Sunday, I stayed in my PJ's ALL day.  Bliss), or pull up my big girl pants and get on with.

I decided 1 day of wallowing was ok and actually healthy for me but no more.  Well actually I loved being in my PJ's, a long soak in a bubble bath (whilst I still have one) and fresh PJ's.  Yes please, bring on this Sunday :-)

On Monday, I finally remembered to do what I have been meaning to do since the start of the year.  Our little, local Asda has a collecting basket for the local foodbank.  H and I have agreed to donate 1 thing  a week to the collection.  So on Monday, I finally got round to adding 5 things to the basket.  It did feel good thinking of someone else.

Mum's biopsy on Monday went ok.  They were running late, so she didn't get home til after 10.30pm but she's feeling okay now.  Indeed, we went out for a lovely lunch today.

In house news, we've agreed a lower price on our house and the sale is still on.  No news on a completion date -how long do these things take?????  Should I be packing yet for this unknown date? I feel my lack of packing may bite me :-)

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Life Sucks, but we'll just keep swimming

I have been quiet this past week and have wondered about writing this post for most of the week.  I don't want to appear to only talk about annoying, upsetting things but something major in my life has happened and whilst it is negative it is major and is part of our lives.

So much has been happening with the house and because of this thing, we don't actually care.  We are in discussions with our buyers to reduce the cost of our house.  In the past month alone the boiler has thrown a dicky fit, the chimney has started leaking and damp has appeared in the kitchen.  If only we'd sold a month quicker!!!  I suspect the damp in the kitchen is down to a faulty gutter next door which is leaking, hitting our water butt and hitting the exact spot that is getting damp in the kitchen.  The buyers have had an independent report done and been told that it needs the damp proof course re-doing - sigh.

My Mum had cancer a number of years ago.  She had an op and Radiotherapy and away it went.  We'd just gotten home from a fabulous bonding trip to New York when we found out she was ill.  Over Christmas she thought she had a gallstone so was booked in for a scan.  We've found out that the cancer is back.  I am scared witless.  She knows I am.  We are trying to be big and brave and we will fight it.  Life sucks.

Love you Mum.  x

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Selling the House

We accepted the offer on our house in early December.  We made and had our offer on our new place accepted later the same week.

We are now in the 3rd week of January and nothing seems to have moved forward.  Sigh.  Our boiler has decided now would be the perfect time to stop working.  Double sigh.  British Gas came down yesterday and quoted over £4k to replace it (that's the sale price!).  Triple sigh.  Although it is our boiler, we are hoping to be out within the next 6 weeks so are working with our buyer to find a solution.  H and I are hoping that the quote we get from a smaller company will be much more reasonable.

Our buyer was given our phone number to pass onto BG so we are now in contact and although it feels a little odd at times, we are talking to each other and know where we are in the scheme of things.  In fact, we are learning that things we are being asked "your buyers are demanding the answers to X, Y or Z" have certainly not been asked by our buyers.  You have to laugh.

Our seller (of the new house) is harder to deal with.  I don't feel like I should approach her and realise that she is doing her best, but with everything you can only move at the speed of the slowest person.  I am hopeful that she will catch up and we can finally have a completion date.

I am thankful that we only have 3 people in our chain, I am not sure I could handle a larger chain.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

12 Days of Christmas Swap

Last year Jo at throughthekeyhole blogged about a 12 day of Christmas swap that she did with Lisa at jumbleandjelly.  They swapped a box containing 12 mystery gifts which they opened 1 per day from 25th December until 6th January.  I think many people who read Jo's blog were jealous.  I then forgot all about it, until late in 2015 when Jo asked if anyone else wanted to take part this year.  I jumped at the chance.  I had great plans at being creative.  Then we marketed the house, and I had to keep tidying it for viewings!!!! and my brain turned to mush.

I was paired with Ellie at feltabulous and we emailed back and forth to try and get an understanding of each others likes and dislikes.  I didn't get much time to be creative.  I was even late in sending out my parcel.  Thankfully, Ellie understood and I got my parcel packaged up and sent on it's way.

As soon as my parcel arrived I HAD to make myself open the box, take a glance and then go and hide the box on the tallest cupboard I could find so I didn't start open the packages.  It was SOOOOOOO hard Ellie.  Please excuse the quality of the photos, I have spent the past week meaning to take photos in daylight, but another and another day passes and I am desperate to blog about the swop so am going with the photos I took each day.

Look at all those unopened happies, just waiting for me.  Now can you see why they had to be put away.

I can honestly say that not one swop wasn't me.  I would have chosen every single one - except I wouldn't have been clever enough to make most of them.

Day 1- magnets and magnetic pegs.  I did smile when I opened these (I sent pegs to Ellie too).

Day 2 Cupcake cases and Malteser Mooses (yes that's a word).  The chocolate was shared and the cupcake cases are going away until December.  They will make December baking so much happier.

Day 3 Card and ribbon - a girl can never have too much card, or ribbon. 

Day 4 Ear rings.  My ears were pierced when I was 13 (I think) and have since closed up but I am DESPERATE to wear ear rings again, so I will, in 2016 go get them re-done.  When I have either had a glass of wine or feel super brave I will get them re-done.  These are perfectly me.  In fact, if there were on a stall amongst 100's of other ear-rings I would have bought these.

Day 5 Pens - oh yes please.

Day 6 Bracelet - My colours again.  So pretty.

Day 7 Bag Charm/Keyring (not only the charm but an explanation of each stone)

Day 8 Crafty Bits

Day 9 Star Tree Decoration

Day 10 Flamingo bunting - oh my happy place in the new house will look fabulous with this. (Photo stolen from Ellie, hope that's ok Ellie).  I can't wait until this is in my new craft room.  It is perfect.   I may have done a happy dance!!!!

Day 11 Flamingo notebook - I was happy sighing with this one.  How gorgeous is this?

Day 12  Flamingo.  She has had to be put out of reach as Anni showed an unhealthy interest in getting hold of her.  Unhealthy to poor Florence and to Anni if she got hold of her :-)

Jo, thank you for organizing and can I be in again this year??????  I am pretty certain (I hope) that I'll be in my new place by then, and unpacked so can be more creative.

Ellie, you ROCK.  Thank you for making me feel so loved.