Sunday, 9 October 2016

Making me HAPPY this week

2 posts in a week - wonder if I am coming down with something!

Since I haven't posted a happy post in so long I thought I'd catch up with a few weeks worth of happies;

1) Getting my nails done.  Tiffany Blue and so glittery.  I may have decided I enjoyed this experience so much, I may have them done again - one day!!

2) Flowers to cheer myself up.  How can anyone feel blue when looking at these beauties?

3) Making stuff.  I have a friend A who is mad on Panda's, so I made this from a design from Paper & String

4) My surprise gift from H.  I said I would like a radio for Christmas and this week this arrived.  I have to say he's done good - and it's just because he loves me.  Bonus :-)

5) It's the time of  year to be wearing fluffy socks and drinking hot chocolate.  No photo available but that would describe me to a T at this particular moment.


  1. Your nails look lovely, such a pretty colour and sparkles too, who could resist. I've been in my sandals right up until yesterday but the hand knitted socks have now put in an appearance and my tootsies are so happy for it.

    1. The chap delivering my shopping today was in his shorts - I just looked at him!!!

  2. I love your new radio, very stylish.
    Your nails are such a beautiful colour, good choice.
    Lisa x

    1. I had to peel it off last night and I broke each nail in doing so :-( x