Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Up, up and away

and home again.

I've been on my holibobs.  I was dying to post updates when I was away, but I was worried about someone nasty finding out and coming home to an empty house - me, worry much.......

We had a lovely time.  It was sunny, I have my first ever suntan (at the age of 40!) and I ate way too many cakes.

Will show some photos when unpacked the camera!

Am sooo glad to be home and settling in again.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Updating my Fav Blogs


When I first started blogging I only had a few blogs that I would check daily for updates and I haven't updated my list since  my first postings.  I now have many blogs which I love, so I thought it was time to update my list.  Alongside my original favs now sit (in no particular order);

If you haven't discovered Jo at Through The Keyhole then go and check her out.  I must have stumbled on her blog somehow (that's the technical description of blog finding for you).  I love blogs that are a mix of crafty, down to earth, feature dogs, gardening, and if they are local to me or love the seaside as much as I do then you'll be added to my list.

I love North of 49 .  It's a mix of knitting, family and life in Canada.  I love Canada.  We honeymooned in Vancouver and went back for our 10th anniversary when we travelled to Toronto (not my fav), Banff, Vancouver and Victoria.  In another life, pre MS we would have emigrated to Canada so I love anything to do with the place.  I plan to learn to knit more than scarves soon.

Next one is According to Matt .  Not only crochet goodness, but I love Matt's use of colour.  Indeed the only thing I dislike is that Matt got me addicted to his blog and then his life got busier so he can't blog as much - Grrrrr, Matt.  Saying that I am not the most frequent blogger so I guess I can forgive him :-).

A relative new addiction is Elise and Life . She knits, she travels and takes lots of photographs.  What's not to like?

Also Small Things.  Maybe cause it because I am nosy but I love seeing how Ginny is raising her family, and her animals, and she knits.

I am noticing that I am knit heavy and don't have more crochet related blogs.  I find this odd as I am really into crocheting.  I do love knitting but feel so restricted as I don't have the confidence to do more than knit (& purl!) squares and scarves.

Do you have any favourite blogs I can check out, especially if they crochet related.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Empty Fingers

Before I took up crochet, I would often sit in front of the tv quite happily either with my laptop on or just watching tv.  Since late last Summer (when I learnt to crochet), I struggle to sit in front of the tv without doing something else.

I have just finished crocheting a blanket for my F-I-L for Fathers Day (which if I have scheduled properly you will have already seen a glimpse of).  The night I sewed in the last end, I put it down, H put the tv on I just looked at him.

I just couldn't settle (sorry if I bugged you love).  I just felt wrong.  I looked at the pile of left over wool from the FIL blanket and nothing jumped out at me.  Most of my wool is packed away to make a potential move easier so I didn't want to go and drag some out but I just felt like something was missing.

Now, I managed to sit there and watch the tv but I never settled.  That was yesterday, I am already feeling not quite right about tv watching tonight.  I may need to dig out the wool bag to see what I can start.  There are 2 babies due this year, so perhaps I can start a blanket for them, maybe learn a new stitch too.

Who'd have thought that a new hobby could make sitting on your bum so much more exciting :-)

What are you currently making/watching?

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Making me HAPPY this week

This one is easy.

18 years ago today, this happened........

Happy Anniversary love. x

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

I'm Walking in Sunshine

Now I'm walking on sunshine, whoa
I'm walking on sunshine, whoa
I'm walking on sunshine, whoa
And don't it feel good
(Katrina & the Waves)

Oh how happy blue skies and sunshine make me.  Don't you find that it raises your spirits - even if they are already pretty high?  I do love blue skies, not sure if this is down the sunshine or the fact that my favourite colour is blue!!!

My Mum & Dad took Anni and I up to Shipley Glen again yesterday for a walk.  It's been the first time this year that it has been nice enough to go!!!  Can you believe that?  We have to wait until a warm day as Anni can not resist going for a swim at the river at the bottom of the glen....  It pulls her in, not her fault at all, pointless resisting it really :-)

I have a video but it won't upload and I didn't get any photos of her swimming, this is her with the stick she decided would be perfect to chase in and out of the river.

My parents love spending time with Anni, and giving her back at the end of the walk!!!!  In return Anni LOVES my Dad, in fact yesterday is the first time she ignored my Dad to walk quicker to the river with me - I still can't quite believe she'd prefer me to my Dad (though to be fair, she preferred the river to my Dad!).

 See the spaniel in the photo below?  He was so friendly, Anni did the whole oh a scary dog thing that she sometimes does.  But he was so friendly - in fact he flung himself down at my feet, rolled onto his back and lay there until I tickled his belly.

Do you see the moody sky in the distance?  It looked like that for pretty much most of the journey.

and yet everywhere else looked like this;

and we've reached the river again

I wonder if she can resist this time?  And She's off.  It is so nice to see her in the distance, when we first got her she wouldn't leave your side.

and then at the end of the walk, a great little cafe - they even sell dog biscuits.

C'mon share.  I'll just shove my head up to convince you that you need to share with me.

 I win!

Hello, who else can I hit?

 ooh dog biscuits
 don't mind if I do.

OOh, I've had a good day.  I love it.

 Me too, Anni, me too - especially when I get lemon cake with my hot chocolate.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Making me HAPPY this week

Well I am surprised that I am posting this today.  I had suspected that I would be fast asleep by now. Indeed I crawled in at 3am this morning and wasn't the worse for wear. How come, when you are trying to be quiet you end up doing the exact opposite - I think dropping heels was not one of my finest moments this morning.

Making me happy this week;

1)  The huffing at me at 3am this morning.  It's a sign of her at her upmost happiest EVER.  She picks up one her toys (usually Babbit) and walks backwards and forwards past you rubbing her sides against you and huffing.  She's not done it for a while, so it was lovely to see (not so great was her whining for an hour after I went out - still it wasn't me it was driving crazy!!!)

2) The light up ears if nothing else!!!!  Well when on a hen do you have to join in - I don't think there are many photos of me in my ears - shame that.

3) Blue skies and sunshine - no photo needed.  It just makes me feel happier.

4) First week of taxi-ing (is that a word?) has gone brilliantly.  No more worrying about what would happen if he got stuck in traffic and got too tired to travel the rest of the way home.  Hopefully we'll get told how to claim the money back this week :-)

5) Hayfever- or lack of it.  I remember last year I suffered from about March to September and felt dreadful most of the time.  Not only have I found a cheaper brand of tablets, I only started suffering a week ago, and even then, nothing compared to last year.  Last year, I was often breathless by bedtime and so tired all the time.  This year, I've had a few hours of discomfort.  It makes me happy that I feel so much better this year.

How's your week been?

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Time to Party

I have a hen do to go to tonight.  I do not enjoy going out in a group of people for the purpose of getting drunk.  I would much prefer a meal and a bottle of wine somewhere lovely.  I have no idea how much money to take (I don't go out a lot) and no idea how expensive the taxi home will be - this makes me nervous!!!!

So as the hours tick by I find myself getting a little jumpy - though not as grumpy as the 2 brides are getting (oh the ribbing going on on facebook - at this rate I will be surprised if either of them turn up - at least we know where they live so we can go and drag them out :-))

I have prepared for tomorrow by buying the hugest loaf of bread I could find so I can emergency toast to my hearts content.  I just need to pop to the shop for emergency Mars Bars.  I am drinking water to re-hydrate before I go out :-)  I plan to drink some soft drinks tonight but whether I stick to it or not.............

Then I should just have enough time for a little snooze (not 1 full nights sleep so far this week), a long bubble bath, make D's tea, grab the handmade gifts for the brides and off we'll go.

PS What do you need if you've had a glass or 2 too much the night before?????

PPS Popped to Debenhams this week just for a look see and managed to find a dress for the wedding.  Want to see it?  my new dress

I don't often find things I like/fit me when I need something new.  Then I saw this and it fit :-).  I also got a lovely pink/red shrug to go with it.  So excited that I found something lovely without really looking.  Now that is a successful shopping trip.  Also managed to find D a new shirt and tie for the wedding which he really liked.  I suspect we'll just need to buy him shoes and I am thinking of getting him some new converse - he can find dress shoes to be really heavy and if he's having a bad day it can make things even harder for him.  If wearing a new pair of converse make it easier then I am happy for him - even if the older generation think it's a little odd with his suit!!!!!

Monday, 1 June 2015

Making me HAPPY this week

Welcome June - is it ever going to warm up and stop raining??? Grrrr I am so sick of being wet and cold.  Thank heavens we took Anni for a walk this morning - we'd be like drowned rats this afternoon.

Making me happy in the past (2) weeks are;

1) H having a week off.  It was fab.  It meant that he didn't go to bed at 9pm each night (and sometimes 8 or even 7).  We stayed up late (H til 10!), watched programmes at 9pm (when most of the good ones are on), rented films, ate chocolate and just relaxed.

2) Going into a local town on the bus for lunch.  Again, just getting out onto the bus with the wheelchair is a big deal for us.  I know people in wheelchairs use buses by themselves and I take my hat off to you - I struggle big time to get the wheelie into the allocated spot without crashing into the sides or over someone's foot!!!  I think wheelies should come with L plates.

3) My new lights.  I was in Primarni returning some leggings (who knew that they made them for tall people too!!!) when I spotted the lights below - can you make out what they are?  I also bought myself a new cushion with a sunglass wearing flamingo on too.  Sometimes you just need something silly in your life.

4) Meeting up with N & D planning V & A's hen nights.  Part of me is really excited to share in this night for them, and part of me shivers at the thought of it.  I hate big events, too many people and way out of my comfort zone.  I can't show photos of what we have made as you never know who may be reading this - be if either V or A are - be scared, very scared :-)

5) H giving up driving. He was finding it harder and harder to drive home at the end of the day so last week he rang up Mobility and handed back the car.  We then started the process of applying to a scheme called Access 2 Work which helps with the added costs of travel for those who are unable to use public transport by themselves.  This time, it actually worked out for us and it only took a week before we heard that they were willing to help with the costs - it's taken a load off of my mind I can tell you.  

On another note - who couldn't love this loon (& my Dad isn't too bad either)??