Tuesday, 9 June 2015

I'm Walking in Sunshine

Now I'm walking on sunshine, whoa
I'm walking on sunshine, whoa
I'm walking on sunshine, whoa
And don't it feel good
(Katrina & the Waves)

Oh how happy blue skies and sunshine make me.  Don't you find that it raises your spirits - even if they are already pretty high?  I do love blue skies, not sure if this is down the sunshine or the fact that my favourite colour is blue!!!

My Mum & Dad took Anni and I up to Shipley Glen again yesterday for a walk.  It's been the first time this year that it has been nice enough to go!!!  Can you believe that?  We have to wait until a warm day as Anni can not resist going for a swim at the river at the bottom of the glen....  It pulls her in, not her fault at all, pointless resisting it really :-)

I have a video but it won't upload and I didn't get any photos of her swimming, this is her with the stick she decided would be perfect to chase in and out of the river.

My parents love spending time with Anni, and giving her back at the end of the walk!!!!  In return Anni LOVES my Dad, in fact yesterday is the first time she ignored my Dad to walk quicker to the river with me - I still can't quite believe she'd prefer me to my Dad (though to be fair, she preferred the river to my Dad!).

 See the spaniel in the photo below?  He was so friendly, Anni did the whole oh a scary dog thing that she sometimes does.  But he was so friendly - in fact he flung himself down at my feet, rolled onto his back and lay there until I tickled his belly.

Do you see the moody sky in the distance?  It looked like that for pretty much most of the journey.

and yet everywhere else looked like this;

and we've reached the river again

I wonder if she can resist this time?  And She's off.  It is so nice to see her in the distance, when we first got her she wouldn't leave your side.

and then at the end of the walk, a great little cafe - they even sell dog biscuits.

C'mon share.  I'll just shove my head up to convince you that you need to share with me.

 I win!

Hello, who else can I hit?

 ooh dog biscuits
 don't mind if I do.

OOh, I've had a good day.  I love it.

 Me too, Anni, me too - especially when I get lemon cake with my hot chocolate.