Sunday, 24 April 2016

Making me HAPPY this week

Weeks since my last post, I am blaming a lack of photos - who wants to read too many posts with no photos???  No siree Bob.  So making me happy these past few weeks;

1) Spending time with my Mum, even if she made me take 2 buses to get there.  You are nearly forgiven Mum, nearly. :-)

2)  We went to Saltaire.  We wandered round Salts Mill (below).  There are shops and gallerys and places to eat inside.

3) Indeed, we stopped at the diner and shared lunch and milkshakes (I think the highlight of my Mum's day).

4) The wallpaper in our newly decorated bedroom (thanks Dad) (1 wall of this - can you see the glitter shining) and 2 walls of pale blue.  Just enough to be girly and just enough not to be offensive to the Hubby!!!!  EDITED: 3 walls of pale blue or we'd have a wall missing!

5) My favourite thing is the wallpaper in my craft room.  I just LOVE it.

Not making me happy this week - H thinking he was superman (apologies for anyone squeamish).  No, he wasn't trying to fly, just trying to walk a short distance.  I think he came off worse.