Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Is no news good news?

Still no word from the builder of the house we like.  OR maybe it's no news from the Estate Agents - who knows?  All I know is that H and I (& my Dad) are going up to look at the house today and we hope that H loves it too.

The EA came down a week ago, agreed that our valuation was close to the mark and left to go and talk to the builder.  We got a phone call on Wednesday letting us know that he hadn't managed to get hold of the builder yet, but nothing since.  Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh

If H loves the house we can then start chasing the EA to see what on earth is going on?  We got a skip yesterday, and the cellar is looking really good.  I think by the end of tomorrow the attic will also be looking really good.  The master bedroom should be finished this week too.

We can then get another EA down to value the house and think about getting onto the market whatever happens to this new house.  Who knows how long this will take and where we will end up - but oh, I do love that house :-)

Monday, 20 April 2015

Menu Planning Monday

Just a quick post tonight as am still frantically de-cluttering for the valuation tomorrow.  Once again the wheelie bin is full, and I have tons for the charity shop and tons still to do.  Still I feel pretty good about what we have achieved so far.  Can't wait for Mum to come back home so she can help me do even more.

Monday:- Leftovers, chips and Yorkshire Pudding
Tuesday:- Fish & Chips (as a reward for de-cluttering)
Wednesday:- Sausage & Mash
Thursday:- Pasta and Garlic Bread
Friday:- Chicken Fried Rice
Saturday:- Something
Sunday:- Something Else :-)

I need to make sure we don't have too much in the freezer just in case we can part -exchange.  Of course, we probably won't and then I can stock up again :-)

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Making me HAPPY this week

Wow, it's been a week since my last post.  Heaven only knows why.

I have made another fresh start on the decluttering this week.  We must get our house on the market and so I must de-clutter and decide what work to do on the house to make it more attractive.  I love this house, I fell in love with it nearly 18 years ago, the second I walked through the door on our first viewing.  I walked out of the front door and round the corner and skipped up the road.  I had imagined bringing up children here, but it wasn't to be and having 4 floors it is not suitable for H anymore (and I am sick of running meals up from the kitchen all the time!!!).

Anyway (decluttering will not be appearing on this list), making me happy this week;

1) Viewing a new house which ticks lots of boxes.  We'll see if it's meant to be or not!

2) Walking Anni in the woods by myself.  We don't go as far as when I am with other people, but it's been lovely lately and Anni loves being off lead in there.  We met the most gorgeous Spaniel puppy yesterday.  I doubt they got much of a walk as everyone was stopping to say hello.

3) Crocheting a blanket for my friend M for her Birthday (don't worry she doesn't follow blogs).  I have tried a new stitch (to me), I usually quake when trying new things, but I found a pattern and did it.  First time - so excited.  I have grossly underestimated how much wool I will need so instead of the stripes going horizontally I think they will now be going vertically.  I don't like it as much but otherwise I will need to buy a lot more wool and I can't afford to do so.  I am pretty certain M will love it anyway.

4) H finding some omph.  I find it so hard when he has so little interest in life.  He spends so long dealing with his MS, going to work and home (still off sick, recovering from the bad Meds) that he often doesn't have anything left to give.  This week, I've seen H again and I have to say I do love it and it makes me so happy.   Though on the downside - see point 5!

5) H not fully dislocating his knee this weekend - twice.  Thankfully he is ok.

Did I mention I have been decluttering - 3 large bags to the charity shop, 1 full bin, 1 full cardboard recycling bin, 1 large gym bag full for the charity shop (& about 5 more carrier bags).  Am I nearly there yet?????? :-)

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Things making me HAPPY this week

1) The Girls coming for a girl's night.  H became an honoury girl for the evening.  Had a drink, a takeaway and took himself to bed before it got too raucous.

2) Cuddling up with Anni B - she was most put out that people were in her house and she wasn't sure about them.  Unless they had food and then she would make an effort to take it from them.  No food = more Grrrrs.  She has spent today glued to my side.

3) A & R coming for lunch.  Although I didn't get to bed until nearly 4am (I am so too old to do this), I managed to get up in time to make a Lasagna for lunch, I failed in baking a cake but that's what an emergency frozen dessert is for!!!!  It's always fab catching up with A&R.

4) Sunshine.  It just makes things better.

5) Using D's buss pass and using the wheelchair on public transport - I need practise in parking it in the disabled spot as I find it soooo hard but we are hoping it'll open up more opportunities for us.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Ladies who Lunch

I really hate that term; Ladies who Lunch.  It makes me feel that there is something wrong with it, that there is something negative about meeting a friend for lunch.

I met my friend L for an afternoon this week.  She works in Leeds and took the afternoon off so we could have a proper catch up for once and not rush.  We found a new place to try called 115 The Headrow.  If you have a taste card (I think you pay a nominal fee for one) you then get a discount at certain bars & restaurants.  You book a table, mention you have a card and enjoy yourselves.

You know you are in a nice place when the wine glasses are the size of your head!!!!  The house wine was £10.95, which in Leeds is a decent price.  I get so tired going somewhere when the house wine is nearly £20 a bottle, which I won't pay.

Heaven only knows what we were doing to get the photo below - I think I was probably moaning at her to pose for me...... but I love it anyway.

I had a burger with sweet potato fries.  I love SP fries, I mean LOVE.

For a bottle of wine and 2 meals (with discount) it cost us under £18 which I thought was very reasonable.

This week H and I also used his bus pass for the first time.  We headed to the opticians and then to Weatherspoons.  Not sure the last time we went anywhere together.  We are hoping that we will make use of the bus pass a lot this Summer. 

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Do you shop local?

When I first started to knit again I used to shop online with a big supplier.  I do love getting parcels though the post :-)  Nothing beats getting a parcel and unwrapping it and remembering what you ordered (or even better what someone else has ordered for you - BIG HINT THERE HUBBY)...........

However, one of the things I am trying to do this year is to support my local shops by shopping in them as much as possible.  In my village (it's really a suburb of a town but I've lived here since before I was married and it's always been called the village), we have a variety of facilities - Dr's (but not mine!), a post office, chemist, chippys, small supermarkets, hairdressers, pet shops to name a few.  My very favourite  shop of all is called Christine's.  It is a wool shop and I am addicted.  I only discovered her 12 months ago and pop in at least once a week.  My favourite wool is Stylecraft Special (DK) and Christine sells a lot of colours (I love the green and spicy orange below).

 Just look at them all - I think I have at least 1 ball of most of them - except the brights, not as keen on the brights.

I took the photos on the last day I helped in the shop (the day H got sick).  I also love the multi-striped wool (is that the correct term?), even though I have only ever knit with it, I must try crocheting with it soon.  I love how it changes colour as you knit.  When people come into the shop they either love or hate this kind of wool in equal measure.  Can you see a sneaky peek of "my" blanket below?  I must remember to take photos of it in daylight ASAP.

 My third fav wool if the stuff which has sparkles running through it.  Again, I have only knit with it.

 My other addiction is buttons (oh, and ribbons) - I have sewn many of the buttons on the front of those tubes, when I find an empty tube I have to add a button, but I can only do about 5 at a time before I get frustrated at how fiddly it is!.

It was a beautiful blue day too.  I sat in the shop for 4 hours, serving customers, crocheting and looking at that sky.

It was a day that was worth remembering - until I got home but I am working on erasing that from my memory banks!!!!

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Meal Planning Monday on Tuesday

I wouldn't mind but I wrote it all down on Sunday :-)

Monday:- Meant to be sarnies but we ordered a Chinese and it was lovely!
Tuesday:- Weatherspoons for lunch (& eyetest for H)
Wednesday:- Pasta Bol
Thursday:- Sausages and Mash
Friday:- Salad???
Saturday: - Girl's night
Sunday:- Surprise - ie whatever I make on the day!!!!

I love that the sunshine has now been out for 2 days, gives me great hope that Salads will start to be on the menu more often.

Joining in with Mrs M.

We had great plans for having a week off and doing things, but with eye tests and hospital appt being arranged this week, we seem to have something to do each day!!!!!

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Making me HAPPY

It's been a week or 2 since I did a happy post.  I lost the mojo (and felt I was repeating myself too much) and the last couple of weeks haven't been happy with H's side effects and trust me that didn't make either of us happy :-)

Today, I feel it is the right time to start it again.

Making me happy this week;

1) Baking.

2) Lunching with a friend.  Well it was raining so we had to shelter in the pub - didn't we?????

3) Finding new places to meet - fab hot chocolate, BUT it wasn't very hot.  I don't buy hot drinks often, so do I have to ask for something extra???  ie Should I have asked for a hot, hot chocolate???  It tasted yummy but I virtually had to neck it in one

I asked N to pose in front of the old bar in the cafe (it is gorgeous)  and somehow we got Jazz hands :-)

4) First signs of Spring.  Camilla is bursting into life in the front garden.  Oh sunshine too - sunshine is good.

5) Choosing some new wool at the LWS.  C knows me so well so when she saw the ball in the warehouse she knew i'd love it.  I haven't bought it yet, but we both know I will :-)

I have also finished my blanket, my own blanket, just for me.  Oh and Anni, cause every time I picked it up she had to have a cuddle and put her head on it too.  Just bout 5 ends to sew in and then all done.  Will show you soon.