Sunday, 5 April 2015

Making me HAPPY

It's been a week or 2 since I did a happy post.  I lost the mojo (and felt I was repeating myself too much) and the last couple of weeks haven't been happy with H's side effects and trust me that didn't make either of us happy :-)

Today, I feel it is the right time to start it again.

Making me happy this week;

1) Baking.

2) Lunching with a friend.  Well it was raining so we had to shelter in the pub - didn't we?????

3) Finding new places to meet - fab hot chocolate, BUT it wasn't very hot.  I don't buy hot drinks often, so do I have to ask for something extra???  ie Should I have asked for a hot, hot chocolate???  It tasted yummy but I virtually had to neck it in one

I asked N to pose in front of the old bar in the cafe (it is gorgeous)  and somehow we got Jazz hands :-)

4) First signs of Spring.  Camilla is bursting into life in the front garden.  Oh sunshine too - sunshine is good.

5) Choosing some new wool at the LWS.  C knows me so well so when she saw the ball in the warehouse she knew i'd love it.  I haven't bought it yet, but we both know I will :-)

I have also finished my blanket, my own blanket, just for me.  Oh and Anni, cause every time I picked it up she had to have a cuddle and put her head on it too.  Just bout 5 ends to sew in and then all done.  Will show you soon.


  1. I'm sorry it's been such a hard time for you and H, I hope he's feeling a bit better now that he's kicked the new meds in to touch. Your cake looks delicious and so does that hot chocolate but how disappointing that it wasn't very hot, you should have complained. I don't drink many hot drinks either, a very occasional cup of tea or hot chocolate, never coffee though.

    1. Hi Jo, I didn't want to complain as it's a little shop and I didn't want them to feel bad - how British am I!!!!!!!! Next time I think I'll order one and ask them make sure it's hot - maybe the foam cools it down quicker???? I'm usually a Diet Coke kind of girl so not sure of coffee talk.

  2. It is good to put the difficulties behind you and move on - especially today, the day for new beginnings! So good on you for doing just that. I don't know about drinks terminology either! However, I have heard tell of asking for your coffee to be extra hot so perhaps us hot chocolate drinkers need to ask for the same! Hope you have a good week ahead! xx

    1. I'll try that Amy. The coffee shop itself was lovely and the lady who was serving was lovely too. My friend had a latte and took a lot longer to drink hers so not sure if it was hotter, or she drinks more coffee and isn't as bothered. I would like to go back but if it's tepid again, I won't bother a 3rd time.