Sunday, 12 April 2015

Things making me HAPPY this week

1) The Girls coming for a girl's night.  H became an honoury girl for the evening.  Had a drink, a takeaway and took himself to bed before it got too raucous.

2) Cuddling up with Anni B - she was most put out that people were in her house and she wasn't sure about them.  Unless they had food and then she would make an effort to take it from them.  No food = more Grrrrs.  She has spent today glued to my side.

3) A & R coming for lunch.  Although I didn't get to bed until nearly 4am (I am so too old to do this), I managed to get up in time to make a Lasagna for lunch, I failed in baking a cake but that's what an emergency frozen dessert is for!!!!  It's always fab catching up with A&R.

4) Sunshine.  It just makes things better.

5) Using D's buss pass and using the wheelchair on public transport - I need practise in parking it in the disabled spot as I find it soooo hard but we are hoping it'll open up more opportunities for us.


  1. Bed at 4am? I remember when I could do that, not any longer. Glad you're managing to get out and about using the wheelchair, the bus pass will open up lots of opportunities for you, just so long as you can master the parking.

    1. I did need a snooze on the sofa in the afternoon to recuperate though. The parking is so hard, you have to go past the space and up the aisle a little so you can reverse into the spot, past the flipping metal pole which is just in the wrong place. All the while aware people are glaring at you as the bus can't set off again until he's in place. Such fun!.