Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Is no news good news?

Still no word from the builder of the house we like.  OR maybe it's no news from the Estate Agents - who knows?  All I know is that H and I (& my Dad) are going up to look at the house today and we hope that H loves it too.

The EA came down a week ago, agreed that our valuation was close to the mark and left to go and talk to the builder.  We got a phone call on Wednesday letting us know that he hadn't managed to get hold of the builder yet, but nothing since.  Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh

If H loves the house we can then start chasing the EA to see what on earth is going on?  We got a skip yesterday, and the cellar is looking really good.  I think by the end of tomorrow the attic will also be looking really good.  The master bedroom should be finished this week too.

We can then get another EA down to value the house and think about getting onto the market whatever happens to this new house.  Who knows how long this will take and where we will end up - but oh, I do love that house :-)


  1. Replies
    1. Well D loved the house too - phew. We had a minor palaver getting H over a chain over the parking space but between the 4 of us we managed to do it safely. The EA is coming down on Tues to take another look at our (de-cluttered) house and will then chase the builder. So finger's crossed.

  2. As my mum always says, what will be will be. If you're meant to have that house then you'll get it, and if you don't it will be because somewhere even more special is waiting for you somewhere. Good luck with it, I hope all your dreams come true.

    1. Hi Jo, I know that in my head :-) buuuuuuutttttttttttttttt............. we still have a chance so I am tidying like a mad thing - who knew that decluttering could cause even more mess!!!!!