Monday, 21 September 2015

Menu Planning Monday

Wow, it's been ages since I tried to menu plan.  I had hoped that by planning I could encourage H to choose something once a week for tea.  Instead, every time I ask for 1 suggestion all I get is pie............  so I gave up.  But then I struggled to cook so I am back on the wagon :-)

I am also trying to eat through the freezer a little more - it is a mess again.  No matter how hard I try to keep the freezer in some kind of order, it all eventually goes to pot!

We will be eating;

Mon :- Fish finger wraps with sweet pot fries
Tues :- Veggie Spal Bol & Garlic Bread (am trying soya mince with this one)
Wed :- Jacket Pots and Cheesy Beans/Beans
Thurs :- erm - something.........................
Fri :-Sausage, mash, giant yorkies and veggies
Sat :- Surprise
Sun :- Surprise again

Am hoping I won't need to do a big shop this week - just need to buy 2 baking potatoes and bread I think and all done.  Then I can plan an Internet shop on next week instead.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Making me HAPPY this week

Hello.  What have you been up to lately?

Making me happy this past week;

1) Organising a new Estate agent to come down and actually give us a valuation.  God, how expensive is it to sell a house these days?!?  Wow - but I feel confident that they will work for their money - watch this space to see if I am too naive........ but I feel hopeful that it will work this time.

2) Ringing someone to come and redecorate the scary teddy bedroom (so named as when we moved it it was painted with scary teddies).  We never redecorated as we assumed we'd have children and would choose decorations then!  He is also pricing up painting the attic room and tidying up the bathroom.  Fingers crossed he'll be a decent bloke with an ok quote (pleeeeease).

3) Happy mail.  I love letters.  I made a new penpal this week and can't wait to get to know her properly.  Don't you just love happy mail.

4) Tidying the house for the EA - it looked lovely but how can it get so messy so quickly - it wasn't me.............

5) Downton Abbey starting again tonight - oh how I have waited for you.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Making me Happy this week


I lost my blogging mojo a little there but hopefully as we make plans to move forward my head will be in a better (ie more organized) place.

Making me happy this past week are;

1) My friend N.  She ran her first Great North Run today - and in under 2 hours.  She is running to raise money for Martin House, a children's hospice in Yorkshire.  I am really proud of her.  She wanted to run, she runs and she raises money.

2) N's Birthday celebrations in Leeds.  We shopped, we ate, we drank (a little ish) and had a right laugh.  We then met up with another friend and stayed out later - on a school night too :-) Photos taken at lunchtime - I'll spare you the later ones.

D & Super N

Super N and I

3) Organising an estate agent to come down and value the house.  This time next week we should know how much it is worth and what our next move is.  I am still fearful of this as I haven't seen anything else to buy which worries me a lot.  I wish I had a magic wand to wave :-)  Still we are moving forward so that is a good thing.

4) Finishing M's baby blanket.  M is expecting a little girl in November and I just have to sew in the ends for the border and all done. (I'll try and upload a photo tomorrow so I can take it in daylight).

5) My new pj bottoms - what do you mean I am 41!!!!!!!!

All 3 pairs are from the same shop, they are all the same size.  However, the shaun the sheep are uber comfy, the birdcage ones feel massive (& may yet go back) and the Minion ones are a tiny bit tight, but i love them so they are staying.  I hate clothes shopping at the best of times - how can they be so differently sized??????  The really good bit is they are all 14-16 and I haven't fitted in that size for ages :-)

Winner, winner, chicken dinner

Apologies for the slow response but I've had a hectic few days so am running behind plans a little.

Thank you for those people who commented on my blog post celebrating my 2 year bloggerversary.  Special mention to my Mum, whose comment didn't show as she didn't know how to do it properly, I'll show you next time :-)

Drum roll please............................................

The winner is Angel Jem.  I will see if I can fit your message onto the notebook this week and then get everything in the post to you.  I will let you know if the word beautiful won't fit (I think we maybe ok if it's not in a straight line - or will that drive you crazy?).  I'll be in touch soon when I've tried it out.

PS Anyone know where the phrase "Winner, winner, chicken dinner" comes from?

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Happy 2nd Blogerversary

It's been 2 years since I started this little blog of mine.  2 whole years.  Wow.  Where has the time gone.  2 years ago I could never imagine where I would be today.  There have been hard times and you know what there have been good times too.

I am in a pretty good place at the moment.  It may not be the place that I wanted to be in, and it might not be one I would have chosen but it is here and it is now and it is pretty good.

So to celebrate I am having a giveaway on this little old blog.  Any excuse to share a little happy mail out there.  I love happy mail and I hope you do too.  Want to see what I have collected for you???  All the gifts are to show you a little of what makes me tick.

A new notebook - you can choose what you want spelling out on the front - within reason.  Please see star baker for an example.

You have to have chocolate and I have to say I am not a fussy girl when it comes to choccie.  Make it chocolate and I am happy.

Fabric gift tape - covered in little pink flowers.

There will also be a set of 6 handmade notecards and 6 second class stamps so you can keep in touch with people you love (not pictured as not made yet!).  There may also be one or two little surprises to look forward to.

All you have to do to win is to leave a comment telling me what you'd like on the front of the notebook if you win.  I'll pick a winner on Thursday 10th September at noon (uk time).

I AM Bothered - warning heavy post

I'm currently watching the lunchtime news and I AM bothered.

I have been following the migrant crisis (& I think we are in a crisis) since Spring.  I think I was aware of it before the news stations picked it up because my heart belongs on a Greek island called Lesbos.  You will have heard of Lesbos now - 6 months ago you probably wouldn't have.  Lesbos is 3 miles from the coast of Turkey and since Spring has been a major stopping point for little boats bringing desperate people from Turkey (& further afield).

For a long time, every morning, I checked that all the boats had arrived safely.  They had either landed themselves or been rescued by the Greek Coastguard based in Molyvos (one of the villages closest to Turkey).  Then one day in early Summer the news came out that people had drowned including 3 children.

Molyvos is a big village, dependant on Tourism.  Lesbos is the 3rd largest Greek Island but not the biggest population wise, population wise it is relatively small.  The people of Molyvos (& other villages of Lesbos) have done so much for the refugees. Indeed until this Summer, it was illegal to offer a lift to any refugee- you could be prosecuted for being a people smuggler, so once the migrants had reached land they had to walk to the capital, Mytilene.  That journey is 60Kms.  Thankfully the Greek government changed this law so transport can now be taken, when it's available.

In just 5 days in July 10,000 migrants reached Molyvos - yup, in 5 days.  There is no official help for migrants on the island, it is volunteers who help where they can.  Times are very hard in Greece and yet many people on Lesbos have come together to help where they can.

None of this made the news.  Not until the crisis intensified.  Now, everyday the news is on tv, we see 1,000's of migrants in a number of countries desperately trying to move on to somewhere they think they will have a better life.

Today, alone there is 3 year Aylan who sadly washed up on a Turkish beach, along with his 5 year old brother and Mum.  So desperate that his Mum took the risk of getting on little more than a blow up dingy to find a better life, and who paid the price which their lives.

Then in Hungary, and I think they thought they were doing the right thing, they filled a train and instead of going to Austria/Germany they took the train into the countryside to put the migrants into camps (now this idea reminds me of another time and I am sad that the authorities didn't see why this may not be a good idea).

I don't know the answers.  I really don't BUT when families are fleeing a war torn country should we not have the compassion to help.  Should we not take more families and help them settle into our country and try and show them that although they have been through hell, there are people out there who are willing to show them that life can be good again.

Some people in this country (& others) say we should look after our own before we help others and I understand these thoughts.  I have many friends I have met in the MS world and when I see what help they often don't get it makes me angry but I don't believe in my heart that by helping families from Syria this will impact the help that is offered to others.

I do believe that we owe these families a safe haven and David Cameron you should man up and act now.

If you have read this far then thank you.  I wouldn't usually post such a serious post but I AM BOTHERED.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Making me Happy this week


Is it not still Sunday????  Erm, lost my blogging mojo a little lately but I have tomorrow's post nearly ready to go so hopefully we be back on track again.

Making me happy this past week;

1) Making (well decorating) a notebook for a friend who needed cheering up.  Ooh I love glittering material :-)  Must make myself something with it.

2) Using the new sundae glasses I bought Dave.  It amazes me what you can buy on e-bay!!! I've whole hog of strawberry/chocolate sauces, mini marshmallows.  I keep picking things up to add when I am out and about.  My fav so far are 100's & 1,000's.  So yummy.

3) The new toy for the dog.  It was meant to be for Christmas - what do you mean I am mad buying her presents............ but I accidentally squeaked it getting something out of the box and she stared at me for 2 hours til I gave in - getting a photo of her playing with it is another matter!!!!! The best one below is on my knee (out takes below that!!!!)

4) Having a wuss for a dog.... someone dared walk down the street outside - can you see her ? Erm, excuse the mess.

How about now?

5) Going to A's for tea.  So nice not having to cook for a night.