Sunday, 20 September 2015

Making me HAPPY this week

Hello.  What have you been up to lately?

Making me happy this past week;

1) Organising a new Estate agent to come down and actually give us a valuation.  God, how expensive is it to sell a house these days?!?  Wow - but I feel confident that they will work for their money - watch this space to see if I am too naive........ but I feel hopeful that it will work this time.

2) Ringing someone to come and redecorate the scary teddy bedroom (so named as when we moved it it was painted with scary teddies).  We never redecorated as we assumed we'd have children and would choose decorations then!  He is also pricing up painting the attic room and tidying up the bathroom.  Fingers crossed he'll be a decent bloke with an ok quote (pleeeeease).

3) Happy mail.  I love letters.  I made a new penpal this week and can't wait to get to know her properly.  Don't you just love happy mail.

4) Tidying the house for the EA - it looked lovely but how can it get so messy so quickly - it wasn't me.............

5) Downton Abbey starting again tonight - oh how I have waited for you.


  1. Keeping fingers crossed over the first two.
    I've recorded Downton, will watch it when I'm home alone and then I can savour it properly.
    Lisa x

    1. Downton was a goodie. Not sure what I'll do when this series has ended :-(

  2. It sounds like all systems go there with the estate agent and the decorating, hope it all goes ok. I haven't watched Downton yet, I've got it taped.

    1. I rang the EA this am and gave the all go. We will decorate and get the photos taken and then we're on the market. Whoop.