Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Making me Happy this week


Is it not still Sunday????  Erm, lost my blogging mojo a little lately but I have tomorrow's post nearly ready to go so hopefully we be back on track again.

Making me happy this past week;

1) Making (well decorating) a notebook for a friend who needed cheering up.  Ooh I love glittering material :-)  Must make myself something with it.

2) Using the new sundae glasses I bought Dave.  It amazes me what you can buy on e-bay!!! I've whole hog of strawberry/chocolate sauces, mini marshmallows.  I keep picking things up to add when I am out and about.  My fav so far are 100's & 1,000's.  So yummy.

3) The new toy for the dog.  It was meant to be for Christmas - what do you mean I am mad buying her presents............ but I accidentally squeaked it getting something out of the box and she stared at me for 2 hours til I gave in - getting a photo of her playing with it is another matter!!!!! The best one below is on my knee (out takes below that!!!!)

4) Having a wuss for a dog.... someone dared walk down the street outside - can you see her ? Erm, excuse the mess.

How about now?

5) Going to A's for tea.  So nice not having to cook for a night.


  1. I bet your friend loved her notebook, it looks very glittery, who wouldn't love that!
    Such a kind thing to do.
    The new toy looks good, just need to sit poised with the camera for a couple of hours now then.
    I like the picture on your wall.
    Lisa x

    1. I know, everytime she has it in her mouth and I pick up the camera she spits the flipping thing out!!!! The picture was bought when we were on holiday and called into a fab shop in Scarborough.

  2. Oh Anni, bless you, walking down the street. Absolutely love that dog toy, and how on earth can you buy Anni anything for Christmas this early and not give in? I have to buy Archie's presents Christmas week otherwise he'd have them all in advance. That sundae looks delicious.

    1. Oh I'll find other things by Christmas, just need to be more careful with them. To be honest, as long as she gets food she is more than happy usually.

  3. Poor Anni, she obviously scares easily, but I am sure that she will have fun with her new toy!! xx

  4. She is such a wuss. I wouldn't mind but we've had her from 10 weeks old and she's never had a bad experience which would explain it. Our first dog was a rescue and had had a hard life and she was not bothered by most things. She does love squeeky toys.