Monday, 29 September 2014

Making me HAPPY last week

I know, but this time I have a really good excuse.  The photos are on my phone and it was deaded and then I couldn't find it so I couldn't download the photos.  I have just found phone down side of sofa and it is charging so I can update shortly - phew.

Making me happy this past week;

1) A night out at A's.  We ate, we drank, we chatted, we drank, we ate, we drank, we chatted.  I think you get the picture.  This was the gorgeous dessert we enjoyed.  Champagne and Strawberry Cheesecake, not just any cheesecake.....  oh and a happy A.

2) I came home with a little treat for Anni from A.  I have to say A it didn't last long...... and it made a huge mess (thanks), but Anni made sure she hoovered all the bits up.

3) My last birthday present of the most gorgeous flowers (and a fab t-towel - will show later when I've done something with it).

4) Finished my crochet blanket - well I have a few ends to sew in (G- only a few this time!!!!!), I even learnt to do a scalloped edge and was so happy to see it all finished.

Do you see the scalloped edge?  I did that :-) (G left the tail in to show I still haven't sewn them all in!!!!)

5) New Pj bottoms from Asda.  My old Pj's were all getting too big (whoop) so I had a fab wander round Asda with A.

In fact most of the good things last week were with A.  Thanks A, it was a real break away and I loved every minute (especially not having a hang over on Sunday morning).

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

and relax

Wow.  What a weekend.  I am knackered (apologies to anyone that word offends but I'm guessing if it does you won't be reading my blog - oh, apart from Mum......) :-)

It is Monday evening and boy am I tired.  I haven't stopped until now but it's been so worth it.  From hoovering the living room in my Pj's on Friday morning (think Freddie Mercury in the  "I Want to Break Free" video - though he does it better), to rushing out and about around Yorkshire and staying up late over a bottle or two of wine - it's been so much fun.  Indeed the next visit is already in the diary - let's just hope that P&D find their way home without too many detours!!!!!

We met P&D on holiday in Molyvos 3 years ago in our fav bar.  This bar brings together groups of people who just seem to gel - many a new friendship has been started in the bar/on the balcony and for the past 3 years, many of us arrange to go on holiday at the same time so we can meet up.

Can you imagine that P&D have never been to Yorkshire - eh?????  What's that all about.........

Friday afternoon found me baking a Victoria sponge cake covered in icing and Jelly Tots (any excuse to add sweets!).  Then Fish and Chips for tea, which P claims are much nicer than those down South.  A bottle or 2 of wine whilst discussing where to go over the weekend.

Saturday saw us going to Skipton, an hours drive away.  It is very pretty and I can't remember the last time I was there.  It was quite easy negotiating the streets with the wheelchair - well once we'd found a shop to buy an Allen Key to fix one of the foot plates back on - only we could break a wheelchair within days of getting it!!!!

The weather was warm but dry which is good enough for me.  We found many reminders of the Tour de France.  My favourite is the one below.

I do think that H looks complete with my handbag - suits you love!

H and P&D, visitors from Kent

Saturday night saw us sharing a lovely meal in Brighouse.

Mum and Dad

P & D

Lovely H

A real Sundae - not mine!

Who says chocolate doesn't make you happy?

Then on Sunday, whilst H recovered at home, P & D and myself went to Hebden Bridge (or Jenson Bridge as my phone renamed it).  I did a Geography project on HB when I was 15 and I doubt I have been back since - having to visit for the project put me right off.  I am so glad I had the excuse on Sunday.  What a lovely place to visit.  I think it has something for everyone.

We had a walk along the canal, visited a few shops, had a lovely hot chocolate and walked round a market.

Can you see why I took the photo of the canal boat below?  We were stood watching the boat use the lock when a little something caught my eye.

 How about now?

 On the canal side I found the bench that I'd love to own one day.  So cute.

 I wouldn't fancy pushing H up the hill below, though it would be kinda fun to let him go at the top...... whilst holding a camcorder.

 It's not often that you find somewhere selling "Foreign and British spirits", sadly this place is all shuttered up and for sale but the sign above the main door is from a time gone by.

In 2012 Hebden Bridge was flooded twice in 2 weeks.   The floods were higher than the top step in the photo below.

Monday morning brought a meet up in Brighouse, our first bus ride with the wheelie, a gorgeous hot chocolate and lunch in our local pub.

We can't wait for the next weekend - when we've rested up!!!!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Making me HAPPY this week

We have friends visiting this weekend so I suspect by the time I post this on Sunday a few posts will be about their visit!!!!  (points 1 & 2 2 written on Friday night).

1)  I am glad that the bus didn't tip over when it bounced up the kerb twice this week.  I was convinced we were going over and was a little scared on the 2nd occasion.  I then got off and chose another bus!!!

2) P&D coming to visit.  We met on holiday in Molyvos 3 years ago.  Yes, it's taken that long to organise a visit!!!! They arrived from Kent today - after a detour or 2 trying to find the hotel and our house.  Then fish and chips for tea (better than those in Kent - fact).

H, P& D in Skipton

3) A day out in Hebden Bridge today (or as predictive text calls it Jensen Bridge!).  The sun was shining, the shops were buzzing and company was lovely.

4) A day out in Skipton on Saturday.  It was a day of skies threatening rain at any minute, but luckily held off all day.  We did have to do an emergency shop for an Allen Key as one of the foot plates on H's new wheelchair decided to fall off but we got it sorted really quickly.

5) Anni's foot is all better - yeah.  She is still growly with new people, sorry P & D but unless you have chips she's not coming near you..........  she will however need to get EVERY toy out and spread it all over the floor when I have just tidied the living room.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

To Stay on or Get off the Bus???????

Today has been interesting.  A bus journey into Leeds to meet M for lunch.  2 buses on the way there and 1 on the way back.  At least that's the usual pattern.  How hard can it be????


First bus arrived on time.  On the way into Bradford you go down a guided bus lane in the middle of the road.   It can be bumpy as you bounce off one kerb and then the other as it lines up to be guided down the lane by little guide wheels on the side of the bus.

Today was eventful.  For some reason we hit one side of the bus lane, bounced up onto the kerb, hit a safety barrier and bent 2 over.  Photos were taken by the driver and he drove off of the kerb and slowly set off again.  Only to hit the other side of the kerb, and bounce up again.

On both occasions the bus tipped alarmingly before settling back down.

I got off, as did another woman.

What I want to know is at what age do your actions change?  The 2 of us got off, whilst the older passengers were more concerned with getting into town!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


When H first needed a Wheelchair we tootled off to the NHS Wheelchair Services (WS) and said what do we need to do?  Now WS, being helpful said, no worries we'll give you a wheelchair.  We felt so relieved.  We told them that I had a bad hip from a car accident so I couldn't push a heavy chair.  Not a problem we were re-assured, we'll get you a light weight one.

So off we toddled feeling happy and waited for it to be delivered.  The wheelchair arrived and H sat in it and I couldn't push it - it was HEAVY.  So we took some savings and bought a really pretty (blue), light wheelchair and the heavy one sat in the way for 3 years.

Eventually H could take it no more and rang WS and asked them to take it back.  The heavy wheelchair was taken out of the house and back to WS.  They said oh, I don't think we can get you a lighter one, so they weighed them and the first one was a stone lighter - a stone!!!!!!

But I am short and they are not made for short people to push them.  Oh you'll have to buy an adapter to make it suitable for you they told us.  Oh, and none of them are really light enough for H to put in the car at the end of the day.  Eventually they offered us £205 towards buying our own chair.

(Are you still with me?)

So we went privately and got a great wheelchair in terms of possibilities - but it quite ugly to look at! and we had to pay more for the honour and have to pay to fix it but it is ours.  I do wish it wasn't so ugly.  The man who came out to demo it tried to convince me that we had chosen a great chair - it's so adaptable and we can change so many things on it as our lives change, but even he gave up on trying to convince me that functionality beat looks (I kept reminding him that Apples (not the edible ones) are both functional and pretty....)

So now, I sit here waiting for WS to pick up the blooming heavy wheelchair.  They are apparently coming at some point today - wish me luck, it is 9.15 and I am bored already!!!!

Thankfully G is coming for lunch and the Morrisons delivery has just arrived.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Making me HAPPY this week

1) Weddings.  Congratulations to M&S on your big day yesterday.  It was fabulous.  We both had a really good time and met some new friends.

S on her way to get married.  Love her smile here.

You definitely chose the best dress S, you looked gorgeous

A selfie before the camera went to bed!!!!

2) Learning a new stitch for crochet.  I can now Double Crochet.  It may be a small thing but I can now crochet 2 stitches!!!

3) Winning a giveaway on Jo's Blog.  So excited after being stressed over H's MS.  Wow.  Thank you so much Jo.  A happy dance may have taken place when I found out!!!  (No photos available :-))

4) Anni feeling better.  Her foot is less swollen, though she doesn't want anyone even looking at it.  She was so good at the Vets - once I had put the muzzle on her.  She even took the biscuits from the vet at the end - a first for her!!!!  (photo below taken before she felt ill).

5)  My Mum and Dad getting home from their holibobs.  It's so nice to see them again.  Indeed it was so nice, we got home from the wedding this morning and I baked Lemon Drizzle buns - yummy.

Friday, 12 September 2014

When to admit defeat?

Earlier this year I decided to do some charity knitting to build up my confidence.  My goal this year was to provide enough squares to build a blanket for a charity helping children in Syria.  To this end, I am using all my bits of wool to knit squares.  I never thought I'd run out of part balls of wool.  So when in Leeds this week, I popped into a shop to buy some more wool.  The wool below was on a Manager's Special and I should have wondered why!!!!!  Don't get me wrong it is soft and knits up lovely but I just don't like the way the colours fall.  In the ball it is fine - not a colour I would usually buy (urgh Green),

(Anni trying to help - yup, she's the black thing in the photo below)

Cast on - MMM maybe it'll be ok.

 Nope, I just don't like it.  I guess I like my colours to be more in blocks and it is too messy for me.  I am sure it'll look lovely added to a blanket so I will happily use it up, just glad I didn't buy it to make myself anything :-)

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Birthday Celebrations

No, not mine!  My friend N has just turned 41 - she'll be REALLY happy to read that on here :-).  She hates being my friend for one important reason, when it hits my Birthday at the end of July she knows she's about to turn one year older than me.  Sorry N, nought to do with me................

So on Tuesday we met up in Leeds to celebrate in style.  We met up late so Anni was ok by herself until H got home so I was desperate for food (and a cocktail)...........  I can never think where to go so thankfully I remembered seeing a bar on Facebook and we headed off to "The Alchemist" (located in the fairly newish Trinity Shopping Centre).  Now, we do like a cocktail, especially when the sun is shining, so we were so happy that it was sunny and they had exciting cocktails to try.

N had a colour changing cocktail.  It arrived with a huge ball of ice in the glass and 2 little science beakers - one that looked lemon juice and the other one blue.  Careful N, concentrate......  can you see what is happening????

Not only did it smoke and fizz but it also changed colour - we were pretty excited let me tell you :-)  

My cocktail looked boring in comparison and was a little weird.  Meet my different Cuba Libra, made with rum and cola bottle sweets!!!!!  It took a little getting used to as it was flat and not fizzy - I think it would have been nicer if it had been fizzed (I wonder if you could use a Soda Stream to get the fizz!)

We had a lovely wrap each (sorry no photos by that point), chatted, caught up, talked Birthday presents and then decided it was too nice to sit inside any longer.  So we changed locations........  erm N, do you think wine appears in a lot of our photos???????

Look at the colour of that sky, in September, in Leeds = happy people in sundresses!!!

I had to censure the picture that was here - no-one needs to see that much of my cleavage!!!  Trust me.

 Look at the colour of that sky as the sun was setting and not a soul in sight - I think they were all on the terrace with us!

On a more stressful note, as I was going out to meet N, I noticed Anni had a spot on one of her feet.  By the time I got home (around 9pm - thanks to the slowness of 2 buses), her foot/toe was all swollen.  On Wednesday morning, she was feeling very sorry for herself.  Thankfully a trip to the vets (and a huge bill) later and although her foot is still sore she's more herself.  Fingers crossed the anti-biotics will kick in and she'll be better as she really does not like our vet!!!!!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Making me HAPPY this week

Ooh goody I am on time and have easily come up with 5 things this week.

1)  My crochet class started again after the Summer break.  I finished my bag and started a cowl (I think that's what's its called!).  I may have found my mojo.  At my next lesson we are working on a  border for my blanket - excited - much!!!!!

2) Going to N's last night (and no hang over this morning).   V and I grabbed a taxi (how can it cost £10.20 going and £8.50 coming home at 1am???) and N bought some pizzas.  Great just to sit and catch up and share a wine or two (bottles....)

3) Sunshine.  I do hope that we do have more sunshine.  I am already tired of feeling cold when the sun goes in!!!!

4)  But if I wasn't cold I wouldn't be happy that H's body temperature in bed is so high.  It's that time again when I defrost my frozen feet on his legs - he's not as happy but that's love for you :-)

5)  Baking.  V has asked if I will make cupcakes for her wedding.  Yesterday I made testers for her and A to try.  They had vanilla with icing, lemon with a lemon drizzle icing and orange with a dark chocolate topping.  I think they may have chosen their favourite and I think they agree with each other.  Now just need to stock up on ingredients when I next go to Lakeland (I so love this shop) and wish they had a branch in Leeds.

Friday, 5 September 2014


My friend got married yesterday.  Shush it was a big secret.  Only 6 people knew about it, only 5 went to the wedding (including the bride and groom).  I've seen some photos and they look so happy.

I wanted to share in their happiness and ordered them a gorgeous photo frame online.  It was cream, had room for a number of photos and with "Mr and Mrs" on the bottom.  It took me ages to choose as I was nervous it would look tacky.  It didn't.  Sadly it was badly wrapped (from a major online supplier) and it arrived smashed into 3 pieces of glass.  Who posts  glass in the thinest layer of bubble wrap inside a small box and then put the box in a couple of sheets of paper inside a massive box???????????

I now sit here waiting for it to be picked up and I hope I get a refund quickly.  I am meant to get an email to tell me which hour of the day they are coming, but as yet nothing has been received.

So lesson learnt - don't leave it til the last minute to order online, just in case it is damaged.  The stress levels when emergency shopping is not worth it :-)

Congratulations L and D.  Hope the coming years are filled with happiness, sunshine and cake.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Lovely day out

Anni and I had a lovely day out today.  We went to Shipley Glen (again) with my Mum and Dad and wow what a surprise.  What started out as a dull and overcast day turned into a gorgeous morning.  Ok, the overcastness (doubt that is a real word) came back after lunchtime but it was still warm enough to sit out to eat lunch.

Now I suspect that if you have read a few of my blog posts these photos will be duplicates but I was in the mood to take photos so I did.

Look at that blue skies below.  Oh yes please, oh how I have missed you.

Think my Dad is happy to be out and about.  There was no alcohol involved in the posing for this photo.........

C'mon people, hurry up.  The river is calling my name.  RUNNNNNNNNNNNN

 Ok, you are not walking quickly enough so I will keep running back to try and hurry you up.  Are you listening to me??????????
 Ok, enough of the tree photos.  It's a tree, seen one seen them all.  Have you actually stopped to take that photo, c'mon.........

It's the river, I'm in the river,  woohoo.

It was lovely watching Anni in the river today.  There was another black Lab already in the river and Anni decided that that was ok and she still wanted to swim - hopefully a sign that she is getting braver - the big wuss.

On the walk away from the river, you walk up a steep hill.  There is a fabulous wall covered in Lichen all the way up to the top.  The green is so well green.

There is a track running up the middle of the lane.  I can imagine in days gone by, a boy pushing an old fashioned bike up the lane - maybe I've seen too many adverts!!!!!!

At the end of the walk there is a little cafe which makes a fabulous sandwich.  Even Anni loves the cafe - I wonder why.......