Sunday, 14 September 2014

Making me HAPPY this week

1) Weddings.  Congratulations to M&S on your big day yesterday.  It was fabulous.  We both had a really good time and met some new friends.

S on her way to get married.  Love her smile here.

You definitely chose the best dress S, you looked gorgeous

A selfie before the camera went to bed!!!!

2) Learning a new stitch for crochet.  I can now Double Crochet.  It may be a small thing but I can now crochet 2 stitches!!!

3) Winning a giveaway on Jo's Blog.  So excited after being stressed over H's MS.  Wow.  Thank you so much Jo.  A happy dance may have taken place when I found out!!!  (No photos available :-))

4) Anni feeling better.  Her foot is less swollen, though she doesn't want anyone even looking at it.  She was so good at the Vets - once I had put the muzzle on her.  She even took the biscuits from the vet at the end - a first for her!!!!  (photo below taken before she felt ill).

5)  My Mum and Dad getting home from their holibobs.  It's so nice to see them again.  Indeed it was so nice, we got home from the wedding this morning and I baked Lemon Drizzle buns - yummy.

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  1. Ha ha, I'd have liked to have seen a photo of that happy dance. I've sent the parcel to work with Mick today so hopefully, he'll get it posted off to you today. Glad to hear that Anni's feeling better, it's awful seeing them when they're not themselves.