Sunday, 7 September 2014

Making me HAPPY this week

Ooh goody I am on time and have easily come up with 5 things this week.

1)  My crochet class started again after the Summer break.  I finished my bag and started a cowl (I think that's what's its called!).  I may have found my mojo.  At my next lesson we are working on a  border for my blanket - excited - much!!!!!

2) Going to N's last night (and no hang over this morning).   V and I grabbed a taxi (how can it cost £10.20 going and £8.50 coming home at 1am???) and N bought some pizzas.  Great just to sit and catch up and share a wine or two (bottles....)

3) Sunshine.  I do hope that we do have more sunshine.  I am already tired of feeling cold when the sun goes in!!!!

4)  But if I wasn't cold I wouldn't be happy that H's body temperature in bed is so high.  It's that time again when I defrost my frozen feet on his legs - he's not as happy but that's love for you :-)

5)  Baking.  V has asked if I will make cupcakes for her wedding.  Yesterday I made testers for her and A to try.  They had vanilla with icing, lemon with a lemon drizzle icing and orange with a dark chocolate topping.  I think they may have chosen their favourite and I think they agree with each other.  Now just need to stock up on ingredients when I next go to Lakeland (I so love this shop) and wish they had a branch in Leeds.

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