Thursday, 18 September 2014

To Stay on or Get off the Bus???????

Today has been interesting.  A bus journey into Leeds to meet M for lunch.  2 buses on the way there and 1 on the way back.  At least that's the usual pattern.  How hard can it be????


First bus arrived on time.  On the way into Bradford you go down a guided bus lane in the middle of the road.   It can be bumpy as you bounce off one kerb and then the other as it lines up to be guided down the lane by little guide wheels on the side of the bus.

Today was eventful.  For some reason we hit one side of the bus lane, bounced up onto the kerb, hit a safety barrier and bent 2 over.  Photos were taken by the driver and he drove off of the kerb and slowly set off again.  Only to hit the other side of the kerb, and bounce up again.

On both occasions the bus tipped alarmingly before settling back down.

I got off, as did another woman.

What I want to know is at what age do your actions change?  The 2 of us got off, whilst the older passengers were more concerned with getting into town!!!!!!!

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