Sunday, 17 May 2015

Making me HAPPY this week


Making me happy this week are;

1) Living in a tidy house- who'd have thought it!  The only room which has gotten messy is the living room and it's actually driving me crazy (again who'd have thought it!).  Tomorrow will find me sorting it out again :-)  I might by catching the tidy bug (quick it might be infectious!).

2) A few days of sunshine.  It amazes me just how much you can feel with blue skies and sunshine.

3) Sharing my ice cream - no, not with H.............  Can you guess who helped?

Not so good this week:- we finally heard back from the builder who doesn't really want to part-ex.  Not sure why it took so long to find out but now onto plan B of trying to sell our house before the other house sells.  I don't hold out much hope but there you go - anyone want to buy a house?!!!!

Monday, 11 May 2015

Menu Planning Monday

I haven't done any menu planning lately and I have missed it.  Not only have i not planned but I haven't eaten healthily or put much effort into making things either :-(  I am now back on track and looking forward to this weeks menu.

Monday:- Chicken Salad
Tuesday: New potato, bacon and mushroom in a cheese sauce with fresh bread and salad
Wednesday :- Chicken Stew for H and something for me (I am out for lunch)
Thursday:- Lasagna & Garlic Bread
Friday:- Fish & Chips from the freezer
Saturday:- Something
Sunday:- Something else :-)

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Making me Happy this week

Hello, Miss me????  Ah, go on admit you did :-)

I haven't been in my bloggy world lately.  Way too busy decluttering and tidying up.  Boy am I tired - I doubt I have ever felt so urgh.

Anyway, making me happy this week (in no particular order);

1) Walking Anni in the woods.  She still LOVES it and I love watching her running round like a loon with no fear.  Today we spent a while chasing sticks through the stream.

2) My Mum and Dad working their socks off helping us declutter.  They have been real stars in helping.  H's Dad also did a fab session of sorting out the cellar and H's Mum was fab helping skip things.

3) Having a decluttered house -who knew it would feel so lovely - be quiet Mum!

4) Finding a new meal I LOVE by using up left overs.  I think G enjoyed it when she visited too.  I have orders to make it for H this week too.

5) Watching H weeding today.  I know that sounds odd but he's not great in stopping before his is overtired and his MS kicks in, and I am bad in trying to stop him completely.  Today, he weeded and I let him.   That is an achievement, trust me :-)