Monday, 11 May 2015

Menu Planning Monday

I haven't done any menu planning lately and I have missed it.  Not only have i not planned but I haven't eaten healthily or put much effort into making things either :-(  I am now back on track and looking forward to this weeks menu.

Monday:- Chicken Salad
Tuesday: New potato, bacon and mushroom in a cheese sauce with fresh bread and salad
Wednesday :- Chicken Stew for H and something for me (I am out for lunch)
Thursday:- Lasagna & Garlic Bread
Friday:- Fish & Chips from the freezer
Saturday:- Something
Sunday:- Something else :-)


  1. Yes, I like the sound of those meals. I'll be round for tea later. In answer to your question about the playroom, Archie has his crate in there. He doesn't use it during the day but he goes in there for the night with the crate door left open but the room door closed shut. Eleanor's got a keyboard in there which she plays sometimes but not all that often at the moment as she's so busy with her exams, but she'll go in that room when she's on the phone to her boyfriend. It's used more for storage than anything else really but it needs a good clear out. It's not a big room by any stretch of the imagination but it's been good to have it, especially when the kids were little as all their toys were stored in there, it kept the rest of the house relatively tidy.

    1. I'd best get a cake in the oven then Jo in case you turn up. H will thank you!!!!!

      Anni's crate is in the living room. When (if) we ever move I am not sure where she will end up. Patch (my first dog) had a bed in our bedroom but Anni has refused that option from day 1!!! It sounds like the play room really needs to be turned into a crafting room soon Jo! Hope your Dad is feeling a little better.