Sunday, 10 May 2015

Making me Happy this week

Hello, Miss me????  Ah, go on admit you did :-)

I haven't been in my bloggy world lately.  Way too busy decluttering and tidying up.  Boy am I tired - I doubt I have ever felt so urgh.

Anyway, making me happy this week (in no particular order);

1) Walking Anni in the woods.  She still LOVES it and I love watching her running round like a loon with no fear.  Today we spent a while chasing sticks through the stream.

2) My Mum and Dad working their socks off helping us declutter.  They have been real stars in helping.  H's Dad also did a fab session of sorting out the cellar and H's Mum was fab helping skip things.

3) Having a decluttered house -who knew it would feel so lovely - be quiet Mum!

4) Finding a new meal I LOVE by using up left overs.  I think G enjoyed it when she visited too.  I have orders to make it for H this week too.

5) Watching H weeding today.  I know that sounds odd but he's not great in stopping before his is overtired and his MS kicks in, and I am bad in trying to stop him completely.  Today, he weeded and I let him.   That is an achievement, trust me :-)


  1. I did miss you, I wondered where you'd disappeared to. I'm trying to work my way round the house decluttering too. I got rid of loads of stuff when we decorated our bedroom but we had the house extended when the kids were small and we created a downstairs room for a playroom. They're way past playing with toys at 20 and 16 yet there's still quite a few in there which need to go as well as loads of other junk which gets put in there out of the way. It really needs to be tackled at some point.

    1. The thing I have learnt Jo (Hope my Mum isn't reading this) is once you get going it is pretty easy!!!!! I know it sounds so simple, but I have hoarded all my life but I haven't looked back once yet - I was telling other people off for trying to dissuade me from skipping things. What do you use the playroom for now - is it still the domain of the kids or is it extra grown up space now?

  2. Fabulous things that have made you happy!!! I find chucking very therapeutic and once you start you will not stop, so enjoy it!! xx

    1. I'm starting to feel frustrated with H - most of his stuff is shoved in cupboards. Who knew a man needed so many pairs of jeans!!!