Thursday, 11 September 2014

Birthday Celebrations

No, not mine!  My friend N has just turned 41 - she'll be REALLY happy to read that on here :-).  She hates being my friend for one important reason, when it hits my Birthday at the end of July she knows she's about to turn one year older than me.  Sorry N, nought to do with me................

So on Tuesday we met up in Leeds to celebrate in style.  We met up late so Anni was ok by herself until H got home so I was desperate for food (and a cocktail)...........  I can never think where to go so thankfully I remembered seeing a bar on Facebook and we headed off to "The Alchemist" (located in the fairly newish Trinity Shopping Centre).  Now, we do like a cocktail, especially when the sun is shining, so we were so happy that it was sunny and they had exciting cocktails to try.

N had a colour changing cocktail.  It arrived with a huge ball of ice in the glass and 2 little science beakers - one that looked lemon juice and the other one blue.  Careful N, concentrate......  can you see what is happening????

Not only did it smoke and fizz but it also changed colour - we were pretty excited let me tell you :-)  

My cocktail looked boring in comparison and was a little weird.  Meet my different Cuba Libra, made with rum and cola bottle sweets!!!!!  It took a little getting used to as it was flat and not fizzy - I think it would have been nicer if it had been fizzed (I wonder if you could use a Soda Stream to get the fizz!)

We had a lovely wrap each (sorry no photos by that point), chatted, caught up, talked Birthday presents and then decided it was too nice to sit inside any longer.  So we changed locations........  erm N, do you think wine appears in a lot of our photos???????

Look at the colour of that sky, in September, in Leeds = happy people in sundresses!!!

I had to censure the picture that was here - no-one needs to see that much of my cleavage!!!  Trust me.

 Look at the colour of that sky as the sun was setting and not a soul in sight - I think they were all on the terrace with us!

On a more stressful note, as I was going out to meet N, I noticed Anni had a spot on one of her feet.  By the time I got home (around 9pm - thanks to the slowness of 2 buses), her foot/toe was all swollen.  On Wednesday morning, she was feeling very sorry for herself.  Thankfully a trip to the vets (and a huge bill) later and although her foot is still sore she's more herself.  Fingers crossed the anti-biotics will kick in and she'll be better as she really does not like our vet!!!!!

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