Thursday, 4 September 2014

Lovely day out

Anni and I had a lovely day out today.  We went to Shipley Glen (again) with my Mum and Dad and wow what a surprise.  What started out as a dull and overcast day turned into a gorgeous morning.  Ok, the overcastness (doubt that is a real word) came back after lunchtime but it was still warm enough to sit out to eat lunch.

Now I suspect that if you have read a few of my blog posts these photos will be duplicates but I was in the mood to take photos so I did.

Look at that blue skies below.  Oh yes please, oh how I have missed you.

Think my Dad is happy to be out and about.  There was no alcohol involved in the posing for this photo.........

C'mon people, hurry up.  The river is calling my name.  RUNNNNNNNNNNNN

 Ok, you are not walking quickly enough so I will keep running back to try and hurry you up.  Are you listening to me??????????
 Ok, enough of the tree photos.  It's a tree, seen one seen them all.  Have you actually stopped to take that photo, c'mon.........

It's the river, I'm in the river,  woohoo.

It was lovely watching Anni in the river today.  There was another black Lab already in the river and Anni decided that that was ok and she still wanted to swim - hopefully a sign that she is getting braver - the big wuss.

On the walk away from the river, you walk up a steep hill.  There is a fabulous wall covered in Lichen all the way up to the top.  The green is so well green.

There is a track running up the middle of the lane.  I can imagine in days gone by, a boy pushing an old fashioned bike up the lane - maybe I've seen too many adverts!!!!!!

At the end of the walk there is a little cafe which makes a fabulous sandwich.  Even Anni loves the cafe - I wonder why.......

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