Friday 12 September 2014

When to admit defeat?

Earlier this year I decided to do some charity knitting to build up my confidence.  My goal this year was to provide enough squares to build a blanket for a charity helping children in Syria.  To this end, I am using all my bits of wool to knit squares.  I never thought I'd run out of part balls of wool.  So when in Leeds this week, I popped into a shop to buy some more wool.  The wool below was on a Manager's Special and I should have wondered why!!!!!  Don't get me wrong it is soft and knits up lovely but I just don't like the way the colours fall.  In the ball it is fine - not a colour I would usually buy (urgh Green),

(Anni trying to help - yup, she's the black thing in the photo below)

Cast on - MMM maybe it'll be ok.

 Nope, I just don't like it.  I guess I like my colours to be more in blocks and it is too messy for me.  I am sure it'll look lovely added to a blanket so I will happily use it up, just glad I didn't buy it to make myself anything :-)

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  1. I actually quite like it, I like variegated yarn, and I like the colour too. What a great project, knitting a blanket for a charity to help children in Syria. Good news, you've won my giveaway. Can you please drop me an email to let me know your name and address details. Thanks.