Tuesday, 23 September 2014

and relax

Wow.  What a weekend.  I am knackered (apologies to anyone that word offends but I'm guessing if it does you won't be reading my blog - oh, apart from Mum......) :-)

It is Monday evening and boy am I tired.  I haven't stopped until now but it's been so worth it.  From hoovering the living room in my Pj's on Friday morning (think Freddie Mercury in the  "I Want to Break Free" video - though he does it better), to rushing out and about around Yorkshire and staying up late over a bottle or two of wine - it's been so much fun.  Indeed the next visit is already in the diary - let's just hope that P&D find their way home without too many detours!!!!!

We met P&D on holiday in Molyvos 3 years ago in our fav bar.  This bar brings together groups of people who just seem to gel - many a new friendship has been started in the bar/on the balcony and for the past 3 years, many of us arrange to go on holiday at the same time so we can meet up.

Can you imagine that P&D have never been to Yorkshire - eh?????  What's that all about.........

Friday afternoon found me baking a Victoria sponge cake covered in icing and Jelly Tots (any excuse to add sweets!).  Then Fish and Chips for tea, which P claims are much nicer than those down South.  A bottle or 2 of wine whilst discussing where to go over the weekend.

Saturday saw us going to Skipton, an hours drive away.  It is very pretty and I can't remember the last time I was there.  It was quite easy negotiating the streets with the wheelchair - well once we'd found a shop to buy an Allen Key to fix one of the foot plates back on - only we could break a wheelchair within days of getting it!!!!

The weather was warm but dry which is good enough for me.  We found many reminders of the Tour de France.  My favourite is the one below.

I do think that H looks complete with my handbag - suits you love!

H and P&D, visitors from Kent

Saturday night saw us sharing a lovely meal in Brighouse.

Mum and Dad

P & D

Lovely H

A real Sundae - not mine!

Who says chocolate doesn't make you happy?

Then on Sunday, whilst H recovered at home, P & D and myself went to Hebden Bridge (or Jenson Bridge as my phone renamed it).  I did a Geography project on HB when I was 15 and I doubt I have been back since - having to visit for the project put me right off.  I am so glad I had the excuse on Sunday.  What a lovely place to visit.  I think it has something for everyone.

We had a walk along the canal, visited a few shops, had a lovely hot chocolate and walked round a market.

Can you see why I took the photo of the canal boat below?  We were stood watching the boat use the lock when a little something caught my eye.

 How about now?

 On the canal side I found the bench that I'd love to own one day.  So cute.

 I wouldn't fancy pushing H up the hill below, though it would be kinda fun to let him go at the top...... whilst holding a camcorder.

 It's not often that you find somewhere selling "Foreign and British spirits", sadly this place is all shuttered up and for sale but the sign above the main door is from a time gone by.

In 2012 Hebden Bridge was flooded twice in 2 weeks.   The floods were higher than the top step in the photo below.

Monday morning brought a meet up in Brighouse, our first bus ride with the wheelie, a gorgeous hot chocolate and lunch in our local pub.

We can't wait for the next weekend - when we've rested up!!!!

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