Sunday, 21 September 2014

Making me HAPPY this week

We have friends visiting this weekend so I suspect by the time I post this on Sunday a few posts will be about their visit!!!!  (points 1 & 2 2 written on Friday night).

1)  I am glad that the bus didn't tip over when it bounced up the kerb twice this week.  I was convinced we were going over and was a little scared on the 2nd occasion.  I then got off and chose another bus!!!

2) P&D coming to visit.  We met on holiday in Molyvos 3 years ago.  Yes, it's taken that long to organise a visit!!!! They arrived from Kent today - after a detour or 2 trying to find the hotel and our house.  Then fish and chips for tea (better than those in Kent - fact).

H, P& D in Skipton

3) A day out in Hebden Bridge today (or as predictive text calls it Jensen Bridge!).  The sun was shining, the shops were buzzing and company was lovely.

4) A day out in Skipton on Saturday.  It was a day of skies threatening rain at any minute, but luckily held off all day.  We did have to do an emergency shop for an Allen Key as one of the foot plates on H's new wheelchair decided to fall off but we got it sorted really quickly.

5) Anni's foot is all better - yeah.  She is still growly with new people, sorry P & D but unless you have chips she's not coming near you..........  she will however need to get EVERY toy out and spread it all over the floor when I have just tidied the living room.

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