Friday, 5 September 2014


My friend got married yesterday.  Shush it was a big secret.  Only 6 people knew about it, only 5 went to the wedding (including the bride and groom).  I've seen some photos and they look so happy.

I wanted to share in their happiness and ordered them a gorgeous photo frame online.  It was cream, had room for a number of photos and with "Mr and Mrs" on the bottom.  It took me ages to choose as I was nervous it would look tacky.  It didn't.  Sadly it was badly wrapped (from a major online supplier) and it arrived smashed into 3 pieces of glass.  Who posts  glass in the thinest layer of bubble wrap inside a small box and then put the box in a couple of sheets of paper inside a massive box???????????

I now sit here waiting for it to be picked up and I hope I get a refund quickly.  I am meant to get an email to tell me which hour of the day they are coming, but as yet nothing has been received.

So lesson learnt - don't leave it til the last minute to order online, just in case it is damaged.  The stress levels when emergency shopping is not worth it :-)

Congratulations L and D.  Hope the coming years are filled with happiness, sunshine and cake.

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