Friday, 10 April 2015

Ladies who Lunch

I really hate that term; Ladies who Lunch.  It makes me feel that there is something wrong with it, that there is something negative about meeting a friend for lunch.

I met my friend L for an afternoon this week.  She works in Leeds and took the afternoon off so we could have a proper catch up for once and not rush.  We found a new place to try called 115 The Headrow.  If you have a taste card (I think you pay a nominal fee for one) you then get a discount at certain bars & restaurants.  You book a table, mention you have a card and enjoy yourselves.

You know you are in a nice place when the wine glasses are the size of your head!!!!  The house wine was £10.95, which in Leeds is a decent price.  I get so tired going somewhere when the house wine is nearly £20 a bottle, which I won't pay.

Heaven only knows what we were doing to get the photo below - I think I was probably moaning at her to pose for me...... but I love it anyway.

I had a burger with sweet potato fries.  I love SP fries, I mean LOVE.

For a bottle of wine and 2 meals (with discount) it cost us under £18 which I thought was very reasonable.

This week H and I also used his bus pass for the first time.  We headed to the opticians and then to Weatherspoons.  Not sure the last time we went anywhere together.  We are hoping that we will make use of the bus pass a lot this Summer.