Thursday, 9 April 2015

Do you shop local?

When I first started to knit again I used to shop online with a big supplier.  I do love getting parcels though the post :-)  Nothing beats getting a parcel and unwrapping it and remembering what you ordered (or even better what someone else has ordered for you - BIG HINT THERE HUBBY)...........

However, one of the things I am trying to do this year is to support my local shops by shopping in them as much as possible.  In my village (it's really a suburb of a town but I've lived here since before I was married and it's always been called the village), we have a variety of facilities - Dr's (but not mine!), a post office, chemist, chippys, small supermarkets, hairdressers, pet shops to name a few.  My very favourite  shop of all is called Christine's.  It is a wool shop and I am addicted.  I only discovered her 12 months ago and pop in at least once a week.  My favourite wool is Stylecraft Special (DK) and Christine sells a lot of colours (I love the green and spicy orange below).

 Just look at them all - I think I have at least 1 ball of most of them - except the brights, not as keen on the brights.

I took the photos on the last day I helped in the shop (the day H got sick).  I also love the multi-striped wool (is that the correct term?), even though I have only ever knit with it, I must try crocheting with it soon.  I love how it changes colour as you knit.  When people come into the shop they either love or hate this kind of wool in equal measure.  Can you see a sneaky peek of "my" blanket below?  I must remember to take photos of it in daylight ASAP.

 My third fav wool if the stuff which has sparkles running through it.  Again, I have only knit with it.

 My other addiction is buttons (oh, and ribbons) - I have sewn many of the buttons on the front of those tubes, when I find an empty tube I have to add a button, but I can only do about 5 at a time before I get frustrated at how fiddly it is!.

It was a beautiful blue day too.  I sat in the shop for 4 hours, serving customers, crocheting and looking at that sky.

It was a day that was worth remembering - until I got home but I am working on erasing that from my memory banks!!!!

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