Sunday, 19 April 2015

Making me HAPPY this week

Wow, it's been a week since my last post.  Heaven only knows why.

I have made another fresh start on the decluttering this week.  We must get our house on the market and so I must de-clutter and decide what work to do on the house to make it more attractive.  I love this house, I fell in love with it nearly 18 years ago, the second I walked through the door on our first viewing.  I walked out of the front door and round the corner and skipped up the road.  I had imagined bringing up children here, but it wasn't to be and having 4 floors it is not suitable for H anymore (and I am sick of running meals up from the kitchen all the time!!!).

Anyway (decluttering will not be appearing on this list), making me happy this week;

1) Viewing a new house which ticks lots of boxes.  We'll see if it's meant to be or not!

2) Walking Anni in the woods by myself.  We don't go as far as when I am with other people, but it's been lovely lately and Anni loves being off lead in there.  We met the most gorgeous Spaniel puppy yesterday.  I doubt they got much of a walk as everyone was stopping to say hello.

3) Crocheting a blanket for my friend M for her Birthday (don't worry she doesn't follow blogs).  I have tried a new stitch (to me), I usually quake when trying new things, but I found a pattern and did it.  First time - so excited.  I have grossly underestimated how much wool I will need so instead of the stripes going horizontally I think they will now be going vertically.  I don't like it as much but otherwise I will need to buy a lot more wool and I can't afford to do so.  I am pretty certain M will love it anyway.

4) H finding some omph.  I find it so hard when he has so little interest in life.  He spends so long dealing with his MS, going to work and home (still off sick, recovering from the bad Meds) that he often doesn't have anything left to give.  This week, I've seen H again and I have to say I do love it and it makes me so happy.   Though on the downside - see point 5!

5) H not fully dislocating his knee this weekend - twice.  Thankfully he is ok.

Did I mention I have been decluttering - 3 large bags to the charity shop, 1 full bin, 1 full cardboard recycling bin, 1 large gym bag full for the charity shop (& about 5 more carrier bags).  Am I nearly there yet?????? :-)


  1. Decluttering is so therapeutic! And good luck with the house hunting x

  2. Do you think so. You can always pop over and help???? Yes???? I hate it. I think we'll be hiring a skip on Monday and getting rid of as much as possible. Both set of parents booked to help chuck!