Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Empty Fingers

Before I took up crochet, I would often sit in front of the tv quite happily either with my laptop on or just watching tv.  Since late last Summer (when I learnt to crochet), I struggle to sit in front of the tv without doing something else.

I have just finished crocheting a blanket for my F-I-L for Fathers Day (which if I have scheduled properly you will have already seen a glimpse of).  The night I sewed in the last end, I put it down, H put the tv on I just looked at him.

I just couldn't settle (sorry if I bugged you love).  I just felt wrong.  I looked at the pile of left over wool from the FIL blanket and nothing jumped out at me.  Most of my wool is packed away to make a potential move easier so I didn't want to go and drag some out but I just felt like something was missing.

Now, I managed to sit there and watch the tv but I never settled.  That was yesterday, I am already feeling not quite right about tv watching tonight.  I may need to dig out the wool bag to see what I can start.  There are 2 babies due this year, so perhaps I can start a blanket for them, maybe learn a new stitch too.

Who'd have thought that a new hobby could make sitting on your bum so much more exciting :-)

What are you currently making/watching?


  1. Oh yes, I know that feeling!!! I am just the same!!! This hooky obsession certainly gets us all hooked doesn't it!! xx

    1. My friends have just discovered that I am a tight hooker- you can imagine what they were thinking!!!!!!