Monday, 22 June 2015

Updating my Fav Blogs


When I first started blogging I only had a few blogs that I would check daily for updates and I haven't updated my list since  my first postings.  I now have many blogs which I love, so I thought it was time to update my list.  Alongside my original favs now sit (in no particular order);

If you haven't discovered Jo at Through The Keyhole then go and check her out.  I must have stumbled on her blog somehow (that's the technical description of blog finding for you).  I love blogs that are a mix of crafty, down to earth, feature dogs, gardening, and if they are local to me or love the seaside as much as I do then you'll be added to my list.

I love North of 49 .  It's a mix of knitting, family and life in Canada.  I love Canada.  We honeymooned in Vancouver and went back for our 10th anniversary when we travelled to Toronto (not my fav), Banff, Vancouver and Victoria.  In another life, pre MS we would have emigrated to Canada so I love anything to do with the place.  I plan to learn to knit more than scarves soon.

Next one is According to Matt .  Not only crochet goodness, but I love Matt's use of colour.  Indeed the only thing I dislike is that Matt got me addicted to his blog and then his life got busier so he can't blog as much - Grrrrr, Matt.  Saying that I am not the most frequent blogger so I guess I can forgive him :-).

A relative new addiction is Elise and Life . She knits, she travels and takes lots of photographs.  What's not to like?

Also Small Things.  Maybe cause it because I am nosy but I love seeing how Ginny is raising her family, and her animals, and she knits.

I am noticing that I am knit heavy and don't have more crochet related blogs.  I find this odd as I am really into crocheting.  I do love knitting but feel so restricted as I don't have the confidence to do more than knit (& purl!) squares and scarves.

Do you have any favourite blogs I can check out, especially if they crochet related.


  1. Thank you for mentioning my blog, I'm so pleased you enjoy what I write. We seem to have a similar theme going on with dogs, knitting, crochet, gardening and family life, not to mention living fairly close to each other too. There's quite a few blogs there that I haven't discovered yet so I shall check them out when I've got a little more time.

    1. Hi Jo, I do like blog reading these days!

  2. it's always lovely to discover new blogs recommended. I like simple natural handmade, she does some cute crochet x

    1. Thank you I will check it out. I NEED more crochet sites.x