Friday, 7 October 2016


I have decided that I can no longer hide it but I need to plan.  I need lists and checklists and notes and stickers and pretties.  My Hubby can't understand my need for lists but I am 100% whole heartedly embracing my need and my brain thanks me.

When I was working I carried a filofax everywhere with me, but it never quite lived up to my expectations.  It wasn't big enough, pretty enough, and since leaving work is full of negative feelings so when I was looking for something new to meet my needs I knew I wouldn't be going down that track again.

So I went online and stalked blogs talking about planners and I looked and looked and looked.  Then I priced up what most appealed and I kept looking.  Then in the Summer, I thought for crying out loud make a decision.  So I did.  I found "the one".  I fell in love.

When I don't plan weekly and daily I find I feel more stressed and my head is all over the place.  I have learnt that I am much happier when I take time at the start of each week and the end of each day to plan and tick of my achievements.

I even use one box daily to make a note of things that have made me happy.  How many times do we forgot the day to day things that we take for granted and then think we're had a bad week - or is that just me?

Do you plan?


  1. It looks like a lovely organiser. I think you have to find what works for you, it's definitely a Filofax for me, I like the fact that I can remove or rejiggle pages with a ring bound planner.

    1. I used to hate opening and shutting my filofax Jo. It put my nerves on edge for some reason. My new journal has those clips that you just carefully pull out the page and then to reinsert it you just push them back in - much nicer. :-)

  2. I love this post. I couldn't agree more, each week and each day is the perfect combination to make sure things stay on course. I try and do the same, when I don't and thing slide I always regret it!
    Lisa x

    1. I haven't managed to do it for at least a week - Hubby has been unwell and my head feels all over the place, I must get back into it.x