Friday, 25 March 2016

Local Library

Do you use your local library?  Our local library was recently under threat of closure, but thankfully it has been awarded a stay of execution.  I love our library, though I admit I haven't used it for over a year.  In the past few years the library has moved from an old building on the flat part of the village to a new building attached to a new school but it is up a steep hill if you go the quickest way.  I suspect that this hill has put a lot of people off of visiting the library.  It is a shame as it is lovely in every other way.

I had stopped visiting the library because my lovely Mum threatened me with awful things if I kept getting library books rather than reading some of my own books.  When I saw the library was under threat I was determined to start going back.

This morning, Dave and I wheeled up there to re-join for me, and to join for him.  The ladies who work there were so happy to have 2 more members.  I was happy to get 4 new books and Dave took out an audio book to see if he could still  enjoy books even those his eyes don't focus enough to read them.  I just need to order him some ear phones so I don't have to listen too!!

Am I sad that I was uber excited to choose my books...... don't answer that one.

I have started with "The Night Circus" by Erin Morgenstern.  Have you read it?  I am 4 pages in and I already know that I am going to enjoy it.


  1. Yes I've read it and yes you'll love it. We all did when we read it as our book club read a while back. I'd love to hear what you think of it when you finish it.
    Lisa x

    1. Lisa, I am going into Leeds tomorrow (an hour each way on the bus) and I can't wait. 2 whole hours of reading "The Night Circus" I am still loving it so far. I already don't want it to end!