Saturday, 27 February 2016

Sucks, sucks and sucks

I have been desperately wanting to blog but first my head wasn't in the right place and then I had to make sure that friends who read this blog were told before I published here.

So the news about Mum isn't good.  She has stage 4 cancer (the worst) in her liver and the little bugger has gotten into both lungs.  We've been told that the Dr's can only manage it and can't get rid of it.  She started Chemo today, to give her as much time as possible.  She is not ready to give in and I am not ready for her to give in.  We had a date to go wig shopping - I am trying to convince her that this is her chance of going for a Mohican but I am not so sure that she is buying my reasoning..... just think of the smiles she'd spread with her when she goes for more chemo.

We all went out for a lovely meal last week and then Sunday lunch at Mum's this past Sunday.  H struggles to visit most houses- steps to get in, laminate floors to slip on, no downstairs loo etc and he did look tired, but with a 2 hour sleep he managed to stay til after tea.  Anni had a sleep over with Grandma and Grandad but H and I kept looking for her when we got home.  It's odd but when you have a dog you do get into your habits and just cause she's elsewhere doesn't mean you remember to change your habits.  H got up in the morning to let her out.... D'oh.  Mind I asked an invisible Anni if she wanted to go out before I went to bed.........

The House move is still on and no idea when we'll actually move.  Our sellers were asked a list of questions on 5th Feb and my Solicitor received answers late yesterday.  I am still waiting for news.  How long do these things take?  There must be a better way forward.  I think we have been held up as the seller can't find paperwork for the sunroom (AKA converted garage).  We suspect there isn't any but rather than admit it, she's been avoiding the issue completely.  I am hopeful we are nearly there now and we may be able to agree a date next week.

We do have news on the ill health retirement application - kind of.  The Occupational Health department rang today and have all the paperwork they need to complete the paperwork.  We may hear something soon.

So lots of nothing and sadness.

We've also had some happiness.  Friends we met on holiday years ago, have sent flowers, chocolate and hand knitted cowls.  They are also going to come up when we move to get stuck in the unpacking and helping us settle.  I am so pleased about this, as I was planning on leaving things in boxes as much as possible whilst we can clean the place from top to bottom.  I have chosen the wallpaper for the bedroom (the grottiest room) and the craft room (small room upstairs) so we'll at least 2 nice spaces to live in.

and at least someone is settled!!!!!!


  1. Dear Sally
    Sorry to hear your news. Hopefully things will progress in a positive way on the house move front.
    Best wishes

    1. Thanks Ellie, I am going to kick bum tomorrow and throw a hissy fit to see if that gets us somewhere...... time to be more pro-active now.

  2. I am so sorry that things are so rubbish for you right now, I hope that something starts to turn your way very soon. Hugs and all good thoughts to you. xx

    1. Thanks Amy, I have woken up today and am ready to move forwards. SO today is packing and tomorrow is ringing round and sorting the house. Hoping we'll get a moving date this week. x

  3. I am so very sorry to read the news about your mum. I am sending lots of positive thought your way for the house move and the work decision. It's so very frustrating when big decisions are out of our hands and there are lots of people involved who all have procedures to follow.
    Lisa x

    1. Thank you Lisa. I am feeling more switched on today, so hopefully we'll have some good news this week for the house move. I just want to get moved and decorated a little so Mum has somewhere nice to come and visit us.