Sunday, 15 May 2016

Making me HAPPY this week

In no particular order, making me happy this past week;

1) He is no longer a scootering virgin (please ignore the shocking white pasty legs - he so needs to work on his tan!).  I am not sure who had more fun - H walking Anni with me (this park is literally over the road from our new front door), or Anni chasing after him - her tail actually wags in a big circle when she is happy and chasing H made her happy.

2) Finding more "things" as i am still unpacking boxes (we have loads left to unpack but they will remain boxed til we can buy and build some more furniture).  Knickerbocker Glory - yes please.  I even remember where I was when I had my first KG.  The family were on holiday in Glocestershire, and we were in Cheddar Gorge.  Most of the family went down a cave (a tourist attraction and not actually caving) but I hated (& still hate) being underground so my Grandma F & I stayed up top.  I had my first KG (which I did share, whilst she had a cigarette).  It's funny when something bring back an unexpected memory.   My Grandma F said it was never too cold for ice-cream - a mantra I still believe to this day.

3) Going out for breakfast this morning.  Our friend V was at a loose end so we headed to Frankie & Benny's for breakfast.  Boy were we stuffed, and so nice to do something a little different.

4) A sign attached to window of the hotel I stayed in last weekend.  "Smoking is not allowed...... including out of this window"

5) This one is a happy but it oddly made me feel sad!!!!  My Mum is half way though her Chemo sessions so had a scan to see if it was making any difference to her tumours.  Good news is that it has so far shrunk the tumours she has.  It's still there and we don't know what'll happen next but we are hopeful it has bought her more time with us - cause who wouldn't want to spend more time with us :-)  The news although as positive as we could expect filled with a sadness I didn't expect, so I had to take a day to re-group before I could see it for the good news it actually is.


  1. How wonderful having the park so close by. I like the look of those sprinkles on the top of your KG!
    Lisa x

    1. They are from the baking aisle in Tesco Lisa. They were bought for baking but didn't want to waste them while waiting for a new kitchen :-) x

  2. I am glad for the good things in your week and for the news about your Mum!