Monday, 2 May 2016

Making me HAPPY this week

Hello,  it feels like ages since I was checking out blogs online.  I am doing my best to catch up with you all.

Making me happy last week;

1) Managing to hit 10k steps 4 times last week.  My walking buddy (A.K.A. My Dad) is away so Anni and I didn't get our long, but fairly isolated walk in, so I can say it's all my own work.....  I bought myself a Fitbit in April and it has really encouraged me to give myself a kick up the butt to get my steps in.

2) Getting my craft on.  I have yet to get a desk for my craft room, but I happily sat on the floor and used a box for a flat surface to make the new bunting for my door.  Don't we all need more bunting in out lives?

3) A new shopping bag - Mum I didn't buy it (she'll moan at me for yet another bag).  I was an unexpected gift through the post and have you ever seen anything as gorgeous as this??????

4)  I am loving the sunsets from the new house.  Just look at those colours.  I could watch them every night.

A double moon reflection in the window.

5) We don't have a working oven at the moment so all our meals since moving have to be made in a microwave, on a hob or half a grill.  So when I accidentally discovered something new and easy - I am pretty happy.


  1. Pretty new bunting, a necessary addition to any home I agreee.
    Love eggs, they are so versatile but boiled egg and soldiers takes a lot of beating.
    Lisa x

    1. I haven't had a boiled egg in years -I may need to rectify that one. x

  2. I bought myself a fitbit a few months ago and it's so interesting seeing how far I walk and how many steps I take. I'd bought one for Mick for Christmas, not really knowing much about them, then when I saw how it was encouraging him to take longer walks I thought I'd treat myself. It looks like you're settling in to your new house and a craft room, how lovely. How's your mum? I do hope she's doing well with the chemo, horrible but necessary.

    1. Hi Jo, I admit I have a friend with a Fitbit and one day I will beat him on the weekly challenge. He strides ahead every week and it is so frustrating - esp since I am basically lazy :-) Mum is doing well. I'll post this weeks happies shortly and there is a mention of Mum in them. x