Thursday, 14 January 2016

12 Days of Christmas Swap

Last year Jo at throughthekeyhole blogged about a 12 day of Christmas swap that she did with Lisa at jumbleandjelly.  They swapped a box containing 12 mystery gifts which they opened 1 per day from 25th December until 6th January.  I think many people who read Jo's blog were jealous.  I then forgot all about it, until late in 2015 when Jo asked if anyone else wanted to take part this year.  I jumped at the chance.  I had great plans at being creative.  Then we marketed the house, and I had to keep tidying it for viewings!!!! and my brain turned to mush.

I was paired with Ellie at feltabulous and we emailed back and forth to try and get an understanding of each others likes and dislikes.  I didn't get much time to be creative.  I was even late in sending out my parcel.  Thankfully, Ellie understood and I got my parcel packaged up and sent on it's way.

As soon as my parcel arrived I HAD to make myself open the box, take a glance and then go and hide the box on the tallest cupboard I could find so I didn't start open the packages.  It was SOOOOOOO hard Ellie.  Please excuse the quality of the photos, I have spent the past week meaning to take photos in daylight, but another and another day passes and I am desperate to blog about the swop so am going with the photos I took each day.

Look at all those unopened happies, just waiting for me.  Now can you see why they had to be put away.

I can honestly say that not one swop wasn't me.  I would have chosen every single one - except I wouldn't have been clever enough to make most of them.

Day 1- magnets and magnetic pegs.  I did smile when I opened these (I sent pegs to Ellie too).

Day 2 Cupcake cases and Malteser Mooses (yes that's a word).  The chocolate was shared and the cupcake cases are going away until December.  They will make December baking so much happier.

Day 3 Card and ribbon - a girl can never have too much card, or ribbon. 

Day 4 Ear rings.  My ears were pierced when I was 13 (I think) and have since closed up but I am DESPERATE to wear ear rings again, so I will, in 2016 go get them re-done.  When I have either had a glass of wine or feel super brave I will get them re-done.  These are perfectly me.  In fact, if there were on a stall amongst 100's of other ear-rings I would have bought these.

Day 5 Pens - oh yes please.

Day 6 Bracelet - My colours again.  So pretty.

Day 7 Bag Charm/Keyring (not only the charm but an explanation of each stone)

Day 8 Crafty Bits

Day 9 Star Tree Decoration

Day 10 Flamingo bunting - oh my happy place in the new house will look fabulous with this. (Photo stolen from Ellie, hope that's ok Ellie).  I can't wait until this is in my new craft room.  It is perfect.   I may have done a happy dance!!!!

Day 11 Flamingo notebook - I was happy sighing with this one.  How gorgeous is this?

Day 12  Flamingo.  She has had to be put out of reach as Anni showed an unhealthy interest in getting hold of her.  Unhealthy to poor Florence and to Anni if she got hold of her :-)

Jo, thank you for organizing and can I be in again this year??????  I am pretty certain (I hope) that I'll be in my new place by then, and unpacked so can be more creative.

Ellie, you ROCK.  Thank you for making me feel so loved. 


  1. Dear Sally
    I am so pleased that you liked the presents - I had so much fun putting them all together for you. (I must admit that I am going to have to make some flamingo bunting for us too!)
    Huge thanks to you for all your lovely presents too - you were a great swap partner.
    Best wishes

    1. I did indeed Ellie. I am so glad I took part.

  2. What lovely things to have received! It was a great fun swap to take part in wasn't it! xx

    1. It so was Amy. And it helped keep the post Christmas blues at bay too. Even H was eager to see what I unwrapped each day.

  3. What lovely items of jewellery you received in the swap. I saw the things you sent and both sets of gifts were so thoughtful. It's such a good way of prolonging that festive feeling!
    Lisa x

    1. It is, so glad that you and Jo did it last year and blogged about it Lisa. x