Sunday, 9 November 2014

Making me HAPPY this week

What has made me happy this week?  Note to self, do these posts earlier in the day when not so tired!!!!

1) I had a great day in Leeds with D on Wednesday.  We shopped, ate lunch, sat in the last of the sunshine with a glass or 2 of wine - lost the feeling in my fingers by the time I got on the bus home, but sometimes you have to do these things!!!!

2) Doing more work on the kitchen.  Dad and I painted and Dad did loads more.  Hopefully we can finish the new wall and get the shelves up before this coming weekend.  Then I can think about re arranging the kitchen, and actually having storage.

3) Advent box presents (number 1) being wrapped and ready to hand out tomorrow.  Well nearly finished, there is an I.O.U. in the box.  Well handmade takes time :-)

4) Starting to get my card making mojo back on.  Christmas cards were started today too!

5) Spending time with H and Anni.  It's sometimes enough to sit here and just have a cuddle on the sofa and watch something we love - when Anni leaves enough room for the 2 of us!!!!

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