Thursday, 27 November 2014

Busy, busy, busy

I both love and loath this time of year.  I used to be uber excited over Christmas and I loved it all - the cold, the christmas music in shops, the decorations, the window shopping to choose presents before the real shopping itself.  The last 2 Christmas' have not been great so I don't have a lot of festive spirit these days.  I am hoping that if this one is a good one then the spirit will return in future years.

Today, I popped into Leeds to meet L and to celebrate her Birthday.  I only went into 3 shops to kill time before lunch and I hated it.  In one shop, 3 mature ladies were stood in a line, across the aisle and then 2 more came to say hi and completely blocked the aisle.  They then looked affronted when I asked them to move - Grrrrrrrrrrr.  Then in Next there were a zillion people in the queue in front of me.  I shall not believe it if the news tell us we are still in recession.

Still, it helped me decide that the rest of my Christmas shopping will be taking place online :-)

On the way to Leeds I did manage to work on another Christmas present - don't worry the person receiving it doesn't read my blog - I don't think!!! :-)  Don't all us crafters craft on the bus??????

I had a lovely time catching up with L and giving her her presents (again I forgot to take a photo of presents or the lovely L).  At least we've set our next date!

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