Sunday, 23 November 2014

The problem of being a crafter

I have been making loads of things lately, mainly for Christmas presents and there lies the problem.  I am so excited about some of them, and in doubt about some of them.  I'd love to show you the ones I love and I would love your opinion of those I am in doubt about.  BUT every single one of them is going (or not!) to someone who reads my blog.


I am making a gift for A (who I don't think reads this blog - if AJ you are reading this, then it's not for you! (I don't think I have anymore A's)).  I am using 4 different colours of stylecraft DK.  I am crocheting 6 rows of each colour and then swopping colour.  I have finished 1 ball of each colour, but what strikes me as odd is that colour 1 JUST finished a row, colours 2 & 3 finished a row too early and colour 4 had enough for another half row.  All the same brand, the gift is the same size, I just don't get it.  I am a newbie at crochet so not sure if this is normal or if I have done something incorrectly.  Just hope I have enough yarn now as my local wool shop has run out of the Meadow that I need.

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