Sunday, 16 November 2014

Making me HAPPY this week

Wow what a week.  I am so glad it is Sunday night and I am curled up on the sofa making something for someone special who is having an op tomorrow.  Anni is curled up on the sofa on my her blanket, snoring away gently and H is catching up on tv watching.

We've had friends up this weekend and had a blast.

Making me happy;

1) Making a new hat for a Charlton fan.  Just waiting to get a proper photo on the terraces!!!

2) A Saturday night with friends and family.  A fabulous meal in a local Turkish restaurant followed by a drink or 2 in Weatherspoons.  I may have felt a little delicate today...........

3) Meeting S and little M on Monday.  I caught the train to an out of town outlet centre and we met up for lunch and a catch up.  Little M is a real cutie and lead me on a Merry dance round some shop windows whilst Mummy was shopping - it was fab.  Then lunch in Thorntons, a lovely hot chocolate and panini.

4) I loved the expression on a piece of chocolate I had this week.........  a bag of these would cheer anyone up!!!!!

5) A photo of the one finished wall in the kitchen.  The wall is actually painted a really pale blue colour and is lovely and I love the poster that I framed.  We still have to paint/undercoat/plaster the other 3 walls :-(

Erm, the rest of the kitchen looks like this below :-(


  1. Some households seem to decorate non stop, we aren't one of them purely because I can't stand the mess. We decorate when we need to, no more often than that. It will be worth it though when you've finished. It sounds like you've had a lovely weekend with your friends.

    1. Oh we have the opposite trouble. Since H's MS we've gotten into a rut and have done so little. We are slowly making improvements in the hope that it'll help sell the house next year. In the meantime that one wall has made me so happy.