Saturday, 15 November 2014


We have been holidaying in Molyvos for many years now.  It actually feels more like home than home does.  About 3 years ago we met new friends in our favourite bar and we have talked about meeting up ever since.  Now one couple live in Kent and one in Portsmouth (we live in Yorkshire) so it has taken a while to actually meet up.

P&D came up about a month ago and we had a lovely weekend.  Today they came back with V&J.

We have had a lovely evening, fish and chips, a belated Birthday cake and too many cocktails.  It's been great!!!

I think D likes his new hat (in his football colours!)  I have an order for matching gloves.

Wine and Greek beer, what more could you ask for?

JellyBean cocktails -not too sure what was in them - Ouzo and stuff!  Very sweet but very popular in Molyvos this Summer!

Cheers.  We have another night like this to look forward to!!!!  I think I need sleep :-)

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