Friday, 3 October 2014

Feeling lucky

I recently won 2 giveaways on other blogs, to say I was happy is a big understatement.  I may have given a little squeal and done a happy dance in my pj's when I found out.  Can you imagine what I was like when the parcels actually arrived?????

My first parcel was from Jo at Through the Keyhole (check out her blog, it's fab).  I was so excited to win this one.  I did do the happy dance and even Anni looked at me strangely..........  I've been reading Jo's blog for quite a while now and love the fact that she is just up the road from me (well t'other side of the next city, but close enough!!!!).  I love that when she blogs about places she's visited I can not only enjoy her posts, but I can have memories from my visits to the same places.

Sorry it's taken so long to blog about my winnings Jo - once again the lead for the camera has been put in a safe place.  One day I will remember to hide it when D is not looking so this will stop happening.

Whoop, I've found the lead.  Want to see what made me happy?  Some lovely fabric- I think I may try and make some brooches with this.  The ladybirds look so happy.

A fab notebook.  You can never have too many notebooks (and I love Russian dolls- bonus!).

Heart shaped pins, nail files, buttons and some gorgeous cotton. I think I will be making myself a new face cloth (though knowing me, I will give it to someone else :-))

 I have only really been knitting for 12 months (and learning crochet for about 6 months) but I am such a yarn addict.  I can't get enough of the stuff.  I am thinking that I am a lost cause - BUT if it still fits in one cupboard (with room to spare- ish) then it's not a problem - is it?????

My Hubby does not work on Wednesdays.  It is meant to be his day of resting so he can keep working.  This past Wednesday he woke me at 6.30 am and when I said he had to be joking he wouldn't even believe it was Wednesday.  So I was happily surprised with the delivery on Thursday to say sorry.  I think he has great taste, and I LOVE that shade of pink.

They even have bits of glitter on the little green leaves.   

 My second giveaway was from Kath at Kath's Blog.  Kath makes fantastic cards, I can only dream of matching her talent.  I won a Christmas magazine (can I say the C word yet?) and lots of crafting goodies.  They arrived just before our friends came up for the weekend and I have yet to try them out but I can feel them calling to me, so I doubt I can resist for much longer.  The magazine looks fab, so I will be sitting with my feet up and a hot chocolate tomorrow whilst I choose what to make for Christmas (oh dear, I've said it again!).

and finally a photo of Anni with her Babbit.  This one was removed from her (with bribery) so it could go in the washer................... she hasn't let it out of her sight since she got it back.

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